Netflix and Apple TV+ Did Not Fare Well at the Golden Globes


The Golden Globe awards were recently handed out in Hollywood. All of the biggest stars in the world of TV and cinema showed up for the big event hosted by British comedian Ricky Gervais. There were two streaming services that received quite a few nominations for their original content. The Netflix film “The Irishman” directed by Martin Scorsese received five nominations. There were many people who thought it would be the dominant film at the Golden Globes. Those people turned out to be very wrong. The film starring Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro did not win in any of the five categories it was nominated in. This was a huge upset that nobody saw coming.

The night did not go much better for the Apple TV+ series called “The Morning Show” starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. The show is about the people who work for a network morning show. It was also shut out for the evening. Both actresses were nominated and neither of them won. This also took people by surprise. Most of the experts thought the series would walk away with at least one award. However, there are some people who are looking at the evening as a positive for both Netflix and Apple TV+. The fact that both streaming platforms had original programs that were nominated gives them a great deal of credibility in the world of entertainment.

There are many people who are wondering what “The Irishman” being snubbed by the Golden Globes means for its chances of winning any Academy Awards. The nominations for the Oscars will not be revealed until the 13th of January. Many film critics selected the organized crime drama as the best film of 2019. It was expected to be the dominant film at the Oscars. However, the film’s poor showing at the Golden Globes puts that in doubt.

There are many people who believe that “The Irishman” is one of the best film’s of Martin Scorsese’s brilliant career. Therefore, it would certainly be one of the biggest upsets in Oscars history if the film was to not be honored with a single major award. It remains to be seen how the movie will fare. Perhaps the Golden Globes snub was the result of backlash from Scorsese teaming up with Netflix instead of one of the other major studios. It will be interesting to see how the film does.


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