China Claims They Need More Meetings And Less Tariffs To Sign Trump’s Phase One Treaty


Gordon Sondland and Fiona Hill are just two of the people who plan to tell Adam Schiff what they know about Mr. Trump’s interactions with Ukraine. Trump started to work on molding Zelensky in his likeness before the comedian won the Ukrainian presidency, according to the New York Times.

Fiona Hill is an expert on all things Russian. She can shed light on the interworkings of Ukraine’s government before and after Rudy Giuliani got involved. And Sondland will give Schiff the details that prompted him to tell Kurt Volker Trump said there was no quid pro quo.

Schiff told the press the whistleblower will not sit in front of his panel because Trump has a contract out on him or her, according to the Washington Post. Schiff said his panel may not need the whistleblower’s testimony now that other information about Trump’s illegal move to screw Joe Biden is in the mix despite Trump’s executive orders, threats, and tweet-intimidation.

Putin told the press he doesn’t care if Schiff gets transcripts of his calls with Trump. But he does care about Trump’s decision to pull out of the nuclear treaty between his country and the United States. If Trump follows through and gets out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, it would be another dumb Trump decision.

President Putin said if that treaty ends, trying to control other countries from building nuclear arsenals will be hard to do. European news reports suggest Trump wants to pull out of the treaty in order to let Kim Jon Un keeps his nukes.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan want to know why Giuliani contacted a foreign government without following the proper procedure. Rudy told the press in his legal double-talk way Trump is his client so he didn’t have to tell anyone else. Plus, he said Mike Pompeo knew the Trump game plan, and he went along with it.

A 2014 picture of Don Sr. and one of the Ukraine mobsters that helped Rudy smear Biden like cream cheese on a bagel surfaced. That shot holes in Trump’s claim he didn’t know the mobsters. He knew they donated more than $340,000 to his campaign using shell corporations.

Trump told the farmers China wrote the orders that would make them vote for him again after he met with China’s Liu He. Mr. Trump said phase one of his plan to destroy China’s economy is in place. But according to the Chinese news agency, Liu He said he won’t sign phase one until Trump drops the December tariffs. He also wants to meet again before Trump meets Xi in November.


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