Making The Most Of Your Experience With New Jersey’s VMG, Or Virtua Medical Group


New Jersey is home to Virtua Health, a large network of physicians, other healthcare industry professionals, and facilities intended to boost patients’ health and wellness. One of Virtua Health’s subsidiaries is Virtua Medical Group. Let’s learn more about this Southern New Jersey-based organization, which is largely similar to Virtua Health.

How many other medical service networks provide patients with classes and community events at no charge?

Most people aren’t medical experts. As a matter of fact, it seems as if the majority of contemporary Americans are more likely to spread misinformation about topics they don’t know much about rather than admit to others that they don’t know enough about such topics to readily, reliably discuss them with others.

Even if you do think that you’re well-versed in a topic, such as diabetes or emergency medical services, it can’t possibly hurt you to attend one or more classes taught by educators who are far more than qualified to teach laypeople about such topics of interest. At the very least, even if you do, in fact, know everything such classes talk about, you’ll likely be able to spur meaningful, thought-provoking conversations with instructors and class members that will ultimately result in everybody learning more than if you weren’t present and had not presented such viewpoints in the first place.

Keep in mind that, through Virtua Medical Group, you’ll also have access to the same high-level classes that healthcare professionals – this includes licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, physicians’ assistants, scribes, and everybody else imaginable who works in healthcare – are required to attend every so often as part of meeting their continuing education requirements.

Virtua Medical Group is loaded with interactive health tools you have access to for free.

There are dozens of unique, helpful, interactive health tools that help you determine potential health and wellness issues in your personal life, as well as the source or potential causes of such problems.

One category of these interactive health tools is titled “Life/Work Style Assessments.” A few of these include:

H.E.A.R.T. – Are you living in your heart or in your head?
Stress Management – Learn how to deal with the stresses of daily life.
Work Addiction – Are you addicted to work?
Career Burnout – Find out if your job is taking a toll on your mental health.
Movement Awareness – Learn how to function better with more energy and less pain.
Fitness Quotient – Test your knowledge of fitness – you might be surprised.

Another type of these interactive assessments is titled “Conditions/Symptoms Assessments.” Here’s just a few of them:

Depression Consultation – Do you think you may suffer from depression?
Post-Traumatic Stress – Find out if you are suffering from post-traumatic stress.
Pain and Limitations – Investigate causes and prevention of musculoskeletal problems.

The similarities between VH and VMG

Whether you’re a patient in the Virtua Health or Virtua Medical Group or not a patient of either network, you’ll still have access to the litany of free tools mentioned above, in addition to countless other free resources found on the company’s website.


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