Homeless Population Quietly Being Sent From New York To Other Cities


New York City is often known as one of the largest cities in the country. It’s also sometimes known as one of the cities that has the most homeless people who sleep on sidewalks and in shelters. Officials have come up with a quiet solution to try to decrease the homeless population. New York has started sending its homeless population to other states. One of those states is North Carolina with Charlotte and surrounding areas on the receiving end. The city has its own share of those who are homeless people who need assistance, and the overwhelming number of people who are coming to the area is forcing the city to take drastic steps to solve the problem.

Millions of dollars have been spent in an effort to try to send those who are homeless to other states from New York. Governor Cooper in North Carolina was unaware of this strategy. Other leaders in the state were clueless as well until they started seeing more homeless people sleeping on sidewalks and seeking assistance from organizations. Governor Cooper is only one of the officials in North Carolina who would have liked an advance warning before New York sent so many people to the state.

New York offers a Special One Time Assistance program that will pay rent for 12 months for those who go to another city. This is why so many people are being encouraged to leave and start over. They know that they can get assistance if they leave, but other states aren’t aware that this is taking place and are not sure where the dozens of people entering the state are going to live. Officials are trying to work together to find resources for those who have relocated so that they can move forward in their new surroundings.


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