Happy’s Pizza LLC – Expanding To New Horizons


The development of an LLC takes a strong effort to produce. Hard work and tireless hours go into the branding process behind some of the nation’s greatest companies of influence. Happy’s Pizza LLC was established in 1994 by Happy Asker. Asker wanted to challenge his own branding rights by reaching communities and regions that others wouldn’t touch. He believed that major food servicing companies were missing the mark on regions that held proactive consumers. The reasoning behind his outreach was to determine new ways to get people to see his brand. He spent many years perfecting his marketing craft and he wanted to establish branding rights that were not bound to a certain region of approval. Servicing the large tenant areas of some of the rougher parts of Detroit became a high primary area of focus. He believed that if he could scale his operation to neighboring areas of interest, the upward movement of his profitability would follow. His predictions were correct. Expansion to coverage destinations that were not included on the maps of other providers helped to open a portal of new consumers to his line of work. Once he established a repeat consumer base, he expanded his menu to meet the demands of his new customer pool.

Menu expansions were not enough to keep people satisfied, calling for Happy’s Pizza LLC to take a nationwide stance on expansion. Happy started to franchise his brand and would reach 4 different states between the years of 2006 and 2008. He held a presence in Michigan, California, Nevada, and Ohio. He remained true to his beginning successes, continuing to service regions of the state that didn’t have the accessibility means to apply their funds to other food servicing companies. This set a positive tone and demeanor towards his brand. People were raving about their terms of inclusion and this helped set the tone for Happy to expand to nearly 65 markets. The focus of his brand continues to be inclusion-based, seeking the advice of his partners and his customers to better create and craft a menu that will serve a greater number of people. Happy has added seafood, pasta, chicken, and ribs to his menu to differentiate the options the user has to order. Upon establishing a restaurant presence within these regions, Happy continues to change the way delivery services are owned and operated. Placing the faith in the people of these great cities is his key to success.


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