A Look At The Career Of Prolific Entrepreneur Paul Griff


Paul Griff is a businessman who lives and works in Kirkland, Washington. He has worked for companies ranging from startups to publicly traded firms. He spent 30 years in the technology sector before pivoting to the massage industry a few years ago.

His professional career began in March 1982 at Kranzler Investments. He stayed with this company for over 10 years and was its director of sales and marketing when he left. Paul Griff joined Acorto, Inc. next as its director of sales. This company designed, built, and sold espresso equipment. It had a national distribution network with customers including Aramark and Marriott, along with restaurant chains.

In November 1997, Paul Griff joined Media Express as its president. This company provided services to movie chains Loews Cinemas and General Cinemas. It also provided services to record labels such as Columbia and BMG. He was able to exceed forecasted revenues by 53% during his time at the helm of this company.

He next joined Brickroad Ventures as the vice president of business development. This firm offered ISP services and its clients included the National Rifle Association, the Sierra Club and seven affiliates of CBS. His job was to hire, train, and manage salespeople and account managers.

He joined BSQUARE in Bellevue, Washington, in January 2001. Paul Griff was their managing director of mobility for nearly eight years. His responsibilities included securing contracts with Microsoft and leading a professional services and consulting group focused on Windows Mobile. He consistently surpassed his targets on both the top line and the bottom line.

He founded his first company in 2008. This was Root Metrics and he was the chief executive officer. This company measured and reported on wireless carriers, including their performance. In January 2012, he was hired to be the CEO of PivotBeam Corp. This company offered Software Designed Antennas for use in the communications market.

Paul Griff entered the real estate industry in October 2013 as an entrepreneur. He founded Maira, LLC, and was the CEO. This company invested in a range of specialized real estate.

He has long been a fan of the massage industry. It’s an industry he is passionate about. He established Mosaic Salon & Spa. This company teaches others how to own and operate a salon company. Paul Griff started this company by first interviewing professionals in the salon industry and learning about their pain points.

He hasn’t been a fan of strip-mall massage parlors as they don’t offer a high-quality experience. They also come and go all the time. He took a more thoughtful approach, creating a company that could teach other entrepreneurs how to design a salon that offers high-quality experience using a business model that doesn’t lead to failure. Failure brings great learning experience, he says, but the objective is to keep a company in business.


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