Judge Jackson Tells Trump He’s Not A King


The national debt keeps climbing thanks to Trump’s free-spending and his tax cut. America owes more than $23 trillion, but that number doesn’t scare the Trumpster. Free-spending is what Trump likes to do when it’s not his money. He’s done an outstanding job of using America’s bank account to get what he wants. Trump wanted Americans to pay Ukraine for digging up dirt on Joe Biden. Using taxpayers’ money for political gain is one of Trump’s strong points, according to the Democrats.

Building the border wall is an expensive project. Trump wanted $5.6 billion to build his wall, but Congress told him to go fish. So Trump tapped into Pentagon funds. And he got enough money to start building his wall. But the government doesn’t own the land where the wall will stand, so several court battles over eminent domain will develop as Trump moves forward.

Mr. Trump wants to keep his promise to complete 500 miles of wall before election day 2020, so he put son-in-law and his senior advisor Jared Kushner in charge of the wall project. Jared has a hard time not screwing the pooch when he takes on a new project. His Middle East peace plan is a joke, and his Fifth Avenue building purchase almost sent his family business to bankruptcy court.

Congress still won’t let up on the Trumpster. Congress filed a lawsuit against Bill Barr and Wilbur Ross for not turning over the census documents. Those documents will reveal the reason Trump wanted to add the citizenship question to the census.

During a Bill O’Reilly interview, Trump told Bill he didn’t send Rudy to Ukraine to force Zelensky to help him destroy Biden’s reputation. Trump said Rudy has other clients. But during the July 25th Zelensky call Mr. Trump repeatedly told Zelensky to talk to Rudy. Trump said Rudy has all the details. But the Trumpster told O’Reilly he didn’t know what Rudy’s mission was in Ukraine.

Congress still wants to pin an obstruction charge on the Trumpster’s backside. Now that Federal Judge Jackson told Don McGahn he needs to tell Congress what he knows about Trump’s quest to fire Bob Mueller, Trump is back peddling.

Judge Jackson told Justice Department Lawyers Trump is not a king. Mr. Trump can’t use the executive order card and prevent subpoenaed witnesses from testifying. The Justice Department plans to appeal that decision, but it does set a precedent. Trump said he has no problem letting witnesses testify. He’s fighting for future presidents. The Trumpster claims the impeachment process is a scam orchestrated by a bunch of “DC Wolves.”


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