Hot off the Press: Barbara Stokes and GSH of Alabama Make Substantial Contribution to Habitat for Humanity

Barbara Stokes


A press release was just put out by GSH of Alabama detailing a hefty donation of building materials to the Madison County branch of Habitat for Humanity. Over 1000 sheets of Drywall, a truckload of Hardie Fascia, and over 80,000 square feet of Linoleum flooring valued at over $100,000 was given to the local charity. GSH of Alabama utilized its in-house logistics network to transport five semi-truck loads of these brand new, high-quality supplies from its manufacturing facility to Habitat for Humanity of Madison County in Huntsville.

GSH of Alabama’s CEO, Barbara Stokes, commented on the donation saying, “GSH is thrilled these materials are going to good use,” said Barbara J. Stokes, Chief Executive Officer. “Habitat for Humanity does excellent work here in the Huntsville area, and we are proud to help support their mission.” GSH knows a thing or two about providing low-cost housing to those in need as they are a Disaster Relief Contractor. When natural disaster’s wipeout communities, the rebuilding process starts with securing housing for those who were affected by the disaster.

The materials GSH of Alabama was able to donate were of top quality because the Huntsville company focuses its efforts on keeping families safe and comfortable. Automated fire suppression system, hurricane-rated structural integrity, and mold, pest and mildew resistance come standard in all the homes that are produced by GSH of Alabama. As a mother, Barbara Stokes is passionate about helping other families recover and rebound from severe natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey. “I believe that family, culture, and friendship all play significant roles in developing a successful person, and I try to support those points both in our culture at GSH and in my own home,” said Stokes.

GSH of Alabama does its design and engineering work in-house to ensure their ideas are executed intelligently from concept to production. Making homes that are safer, more durable and more comfortable for their end users is what GSH does best.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is also geared towards providing housing for those in need. Unlike GSH of Alabama, Habitat for Humanity does not focus its efforts on disaster relief but instead concerns itself with helping those facing housing instability. Helping families in need all year round, Habitat for Humanity is developing strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. While Habitat for Humanity is a Christian nonprofit organization, all who desire to be a part of their work are welcome, regardless of religious preference or background.

Habitat for Humanity of Madison County

The Madison County branch of Habitat for Humanity has been empowering low-income families with shelter since 1987. Since it’s founding, Habitat for Humanity has partnered with 272 families to help them renovate or build affordable housing. This includes six houses that were built in 2017. By tackling housing insecurities, Habitat for Humanity relieving the stress and hopelessness that comes from frequent moves, overcrowding, evictions, and foreclosures. They believe that having to decide between shelter and food is a decision no family should have to make. When families partner with Habitat for Humanity, they invest in their own well being which allows them to develop more critical aspects of their lives.

Habitat for Humanity of Madison County is seeking to increase their impact and build eight new homes in 2018. This requires the non-profit organization to raise $720,000 in donor support. Every little bit helps and GSH of Alabama’s contribution of $100,000 is sure to help Habitat for Humanity of Madison County reach their goals. Each home that Habitat for Humanity of Madison County costs about $90,000 in labor and material to produce. If you would like to donate your time, money, resources Habitat for Humanity is gratefully accepting such goodwill through their website


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  1. Barbara you are doing a good deed by helping the people in the need. Those funds are definitely being used for a good cause. Providing low-cost housing to those in need as they are a Disaster Relief Contractor.

  2. What a wonderful article to finally read some positive news. Its great what Barbara Stokes and habitat for humanity are doing in Alabama. I wish there were more disaster relief people like GSH

  3. This is great news. Its always nice to see people giving back and thinking about those that are less fortunate that they are. My applause to Barbara Stokes.

  4. Thanks.
    Its great what Barbara Stokes and habitat for humanity are doing in Alabama. Providing low-cost housing to those in need as they are a Disaster Relief Contractor.


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