Art Peck And The Life Of The Gap


    What to know about Art Peck
    Art Peck is the former CEO of Gap Inc. Peck was born in 1955, and he went to Occidental College in Los Angeles. There, he majored in liberal arts. Later, Peck went to Harvard Business School where he obtained his MBA.

    Peck joined Boston Consulting Group in 1982, and he ended his career there in 2005. The former CEO of Gap had offered Peck the position of vice president of strategy and operations. Before joining Gap, Peck spent nearly 20 years as a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group. Peck thought that he would only be working there for a few years, and he ended up staying there for 2 decades. Peck really did not have any idea that he would ever work in apparel. He did not join Gap until he was in his late 40s.

    How Pecked Helped Gap to Grow
    In the early 2000s, Peck pitched a strategy to Gap that would allow Gap to sell its products to 3rd party local operators in their respective regions. This move catapulted the company to even more success, and Gap went on to have 414 franchise operated stores. In 2006, Peck helped to launch Gap’s Product Red Campaign. This campaign donated 50% of the proceeds to women and children in Africa who were suffering from HIV/AIDS. Apart from that, the resources that were used on the products were all sourced from Africa.

    Art Peck goes Beyond the Gap
    Art Peck is married, and he is the father of four children. Of Pecks 4 children, 2 of them have worked for Gap Inc. Both of them have worked as merchants at Old Navy. In his private life, Peck is an avid runner. Peck has run several marathons with his children. Peck and his wife have also traveled the world in their running adventures. He and his wife are committed to covering the best runs on all seven of the continents.

    Pecks Departure from Gap
    After a long and successful trajectory at Gap, this month, Peck announced that he was going to resign from Gap. Peck had faithfully served as president of the company for four years. Peck has also stepped down from the board, and after a short transition, he will exit the company. Gap greatly appreciates the hard work that Peck put into the company; Peck is credited by gap for building the companies digital capabilities.


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