The UN Wants The FBI To Investigate The Khashoggi Incident But Trump Says No Way


The Iran situation is out-of-control. President Trump wants to break Iran. But Iran is not that easy to break. The Iranians control what happens in the Middle East. Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Trump want to break Iran’s hold on the Middle East, but doing so is a costly endeavor. Iran let Trump know they will set American-controlled assets in the region on fire if Trump lets John Bolton missile-bash Tehran.

Mr. Trump almost upset the economic health of the world when he gave the order to bomb Iran for shooting down an American spy drone. Putin let Trump know a shooting war with Iran was not part of their private deal. Trump told Putin he would lift Russian sanctions and follow Putin’s advice, according to the New York Times.

Putin told the press Trump has to stop bullying the rest of the world. Mr. Putin wants Trump to settle his trade and tech wars with China. And he wants Trump to give North Korea a sanctions break if they gradually start to denuke. Europe has concerns about Trump’s relationship with certain members of the EU.

Mr. Trump seems to gravitate toward Hungary and Poland now that those countries have nationalistic leaders. France, Germany, and England don’t mean much to Trump. The president claims Europe takes advantage of the United States. Trump plans to stop Europe from doing what all countries do.

Europe relies on the United States for economic and military support. Europe usually supports the United States, but Europe thinks Trump is out of line for bullying Iran just because the 2015 nuclear treaty is part of Obama’s legacy.

The president still has Jeff Sessions on his mind even though Bill Barr, his new attorney general, is in his back pocket. Trump blames Sessions for the Mueller investigation. Trump gave Sessions the AG job so Trump could control the Justice Department. When Jeff recused himself from the Mueller investigation, Trump thought his days as president were over. He knew Mueller would find enough evidence of collusion and obstruction to throw the legal book at him, but fortunately, Bill Barr turn the Mueller report into a win for the president.

Congress blocked Trump’s recent weapons sale to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis need weapons to win the Yemen debacle, and to arm themselves once Trump decides to bomb Iran. Saudi Arabia and Trump have a business relationship, and that relationship colors the way Trump deals with Saudi Prince Salman. The UN wants the FBI to investigate Salman’s role in the Khashoggi execution, but Trump refuses to cooperate. He wants to protect his business relationship with Salman and his son-in-law’s access to Saudi money.


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