Maximum Hydration with Jeunesse MX2O Black Water

Maximum Hydration with Jeunesse MX2O Black Water

 When comparing Jeunesse Global’s newest product offering, MX2O Black Water, with the traditional H2O, black is clearly the best choice. The award-winning health and wellness distribution company recently debuted this refreshing item in Orlando, Florida, at their annual EXPO World Tour event for North America. On September 9, 2019, audience members received a first-hand look at this twist on Mother Nature’s top thirst quencher.


The crowd in Orlando learned of the numerous benefits provided by MX2O, a purified and nutritious alternative to traditional tap water. This energizing and nutrient-packed dietary supplement is more of a functional beverage than straight water. It is not a replacement for average water bottle options. MX2O does not fear the dark — it embraces it.


Living Life to the Max

Truly unique, this proprietary blended water contains more than 70 trace minerals, organic beetroot powder, and naturally black organic fulvic acids and humic acids. These organic acids were not just chosen for inclusion in MX2O’s formation because of their dark color, they were purposely selected for their therapeutic qualities. These properties are found in each recyclable bottle of this Jeunesse Global product.


This powerful set of ingredients combine to hydrate, energize, and balance drinkers with a goal of making people change the way they see water. This unique alkaline product not only has a higher pH for added antioxidant benefits but also aids with nutrient absorption. In addition to its variety of healthy properties, MX2O actually has a taste that is similar to water, just better.


Making MX2O a part of your daily ritual is the best way to boost overall health product since it was developed to address the general lack of nutrients and minerals in the average diet. Formulated to combat mineral and vitamin deficiencies, some of the benefits may include improved digestion, boosted nutrient absorption, increased energy, boosted immune response, reduced inflammation, and improved toxin removal, and healthier-looking skin, hair, and nails.


Jeunesse Global’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Patterson, described MX2O in great detail at the sold-out crowd at the 2019 EXPO NEXT World Tour in Orlando. He designated the usual water bottles consumed by people as “blank water” options that offer no real nutrition. He added that among the reasons the average person needs to supplement with nutrients and minerals is because the soil in our overproduced, overused farmland is completely deficient in much-needed minerals.


Maximized Health 

The importance of proper hydration cannot be understated. Since beauty starts from the inside, it is essential to not focus just on the skin’s surface with topical products. The aim should be for whole body health that emphasizes both internal and external hydration and nourishment to feel and look younger and more vibrant. Properly hydrating yourself should be an essential part of any of your efforts to achieve better looking and feeling skin and hair. 

  • Balance: 5x purification filtering process
  • Alkaline 8.5 pH, helping the body remain in balance
  • Provides over 70 of Mother Nature’s trace minerals
  • Beetroot Powder: Antioxidant-rich and mineral-rich superfood ingredient that increases oxygen and blood flow throughout the body to optimize heart health and blood pressure maintenance
  • Organic Fulvic Acids and Humic Acids to provide health advantages listed below 

The fulvic and humic acids inside of each bottle of MX2O are known for their ability to draw out toxins, making them ideal for helping with detoxification support. They also aid with replenishing electrolytes and rehydrating the body, which is ideal not only for reaching the recommended water intake each day but also for post-workout consumption. The energizing acids act as organic sponges that hold onto moisture and contribute to the storage and absorption of other ingested nutrients.


Say Y.E.S. to MX2O

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The nutritious black water received a warm welcome as the newest member of the company’s exclusive Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System™, which approaches beauty and whole body health from all angles. Y.E.S. is an elite, multi-pronged product line which contains numerous beneficial items, both for inside and outside nourishment.


The entire system incorporates innovative technology, vitamins, botanicals, fatty acids, antioxidants, and many other nutrients which all work together to heal, soothe, and moisturize from the body from within. The combination of items has been designed to Rejuvenate, Clarify, Balance, Beautify, Defend, Enhance, Diminish, Restore, and Energize the body’s system simultaneously.

  • Rejuvenate: Cellular rejuvenation is the goal of the groundbreaking Luminesce® skincare line that offers anti-aging and hydrating benefits. The products in this line rejuvenate and restore youthful vitality and radiance to the skin while reducing the visibility of fine lines. The formulation was created by a certified dermatologist and includes APT-200™ technology (advanced polypeptide technology) exclusive to Jeunesse.
  • Clarity: The memory dietary supplement M1ND™ takes its inspiration from Eastern medicine and has received international recognition as an effective concentration aide. Containing generous amounts of both L-theanine and exclusive CERA-Q™, this mindful product works to reduce common mental distraction.
  • Balance: Using a balanced and systematic approach to weight management, ZEN BODI™ targets three key elements for sustained fitness, which include muscle toning and building, fat burning, and appetite curbing.
  • Beautify: A renowned celebrity makeup artist collaborate with Jeunesse developers to develop the youth-enhancing NV™ collection. Incorporating the advanced polypeptide technology of ATP-200™, the line includes a skin-nourishing foundation, primer, and bronzer to give the beautiful appearance usually only achieved by professional airbrush finishes.
  • Defend: Uniquely blended with various superfruits, RESERVE™ contains powerhouse antioxidants which work together as an effective defense against damaging free radicals. The combination of superfruits and resveratrol, a heart-friendly polyphenol, offer protection to red blood cells from harmful oxidative stress.
  • Enhance: Based on circadian rhythms, the body needs certain nourishment at different times throughout the day. Jeunesse’s PM Essentials™ and AM Essentials™ have both been formulated with various vitamins, minerals, and other nutrient blends to enhance overall health.
  • Diminish: Instantly Ageless™, Jeunesse’s powerful micro-cream requires only two minutes to work its magic of helping to reduce the overall appearance of under-eye bags, pores, crow’s feet, hooded eyes, eyebrow lines, wrinkles, forehead lines, and other fine lines commonly found on the face.
  • Restore: One of the Y.E.S. collection’s most advanced supplements is FINITI™, a vitamin-packed formula blended with several nutritious ingredients. Healthy extracts from various fruits and vegetables drive to restore and support the body and mind.
  • Energize: Unlike many other energy drinks loaded with sugar and caffeine, Nevo™ offers a refreshing alternative which energizes naturally. Each 50-calorie can of Nevo™ boasts the use of real fruit juice to lightly sweeten the drink over artificial sweeteners or flavors.


Maximize Your Drinking Water

Drinking water is one of the best methods for achieving whole body health since it saturates the entire being with moisturization. In addition to these hydrating qualities, MX2O also offers nutritious health benefits to its drinkers. Naturally colored black from the organic fulvic and humic acids found within, this dark water has a refreshing taste.


As the latest addition to the popular Y.E.S. line by Jeunesse Global, hydrating MX2O joins an array of other products focused on helping users to restore and maintain youthful vibrancy from the inside out. Supercharged with added nutrients, MX2O is already making quite a splash. It has received tremendous praise from some of the top leaders in the health, beauty, and wellness industry and consumers alike.


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