Australian’s PM Claims Trump Asked Him To Throw Shade On The Mueller Investigation


Mike Pompeo was present in July when President Trump talked on the phone to Ukraine President Zelensky. Pompeo claimed he didn’t know Trump and Rudy had their own foreign policy agenda. But there’s proof Pompeo and the State Department knew Rudy tried to get Ukraine to open a Biden investigation even though Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Lutsenko said Joe and his son Hunter didn’t break any Ukraine laws.

Adam Schiff wants Pompeo to release the documents Kurt Volker filed when he tried to stop Giuliani from going around the State Department to help Trump bury Biden’s chance to win the Democratic primary.

Mr. Schiff also wants Rudy to produce the documents that confirm his claim the State Department sanctioned his work to discredit Joe Biden. Rudy told the Sunday news shows he thinks Schiff is a piece of trash, so he may not talk to his committee. But when George Stephanopoulos pushed Rudy to give him a straight answer, Giuliani tried to deflect the question by talking about Biden’s attempt to withhold aid funds unless a corrupt Ukraine prosecutor got the ax. That claim is bogus, according to Mr. Lutsenko.

Bill Barr went to Italy with his special investigator John Durham to ask Italian officials for help digging up dirt on the CIA and FBI during the 2016 campaign. Trump thinks the FBI and CIA spied on his campaign. He wants Barr to discredit the claim Russia and his campaign had a thing going on in 2016 that helped the Trumpster win the election.

Mr. Barr’s activities are not part of the attorney general’s job description. Mr. Barr believes a sitting president is above the law so he protects Trump. He acts more like Trump’s personal lawyer than a proper attorney general, according to the New York Times.

China’s President Xi let the Trumpster no force will stop China from being the most powerful nation in the world. Mr. Trump let China know he might throw 200 Chinese corporations off the New York Stock Exchange, but the Treasury Department said Trump was just being Trump when he leaked that information to the press.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison told the press Trump wants him to gather dirt on the Mueller investigation too. Trump doesn’t want the transcript of that call released. But Congress will try to add that claim to the Zelensky claim to strengthen their case to impeach Trump, according to the New York Times.


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