Shop With Brandless And Avoid Hundreds Of Toxic Chemicals


Our homes are filled with toxic, hormone distrupting, cancer causing chemicals. These nasty chemicals are lurking in our cleaning products, our personal care products, our cookware, our bedding, our electronics, our furniture, our basic household items, our children’s toys, and even our food! No matter how careful you are, it’s really difficult to know how to avoid these harmful chemicals. Product labels aren’t usually that helpful and it can take dozens of hours to research a single product you want to buy. A much easier strategy is to buy from a company, like Brandess, whose core mission includes banning the most harmful chemicals from their products. In fact, Brandess is one of the best companies in this regard because the the founders of the company believe this should be a top priority.

Brandless offers an extensive line of beauty products which ban over 400 different harmful chemicals commonly found in these products. Brandless also bans a whole host of toxic chemicals from their baby products, pet products, cleaning supplies, household goods, and the food pantry items. In fact, Brandless takes one of the most aggressive approaches in offering products that won’t harm the human body and are more sustainable for the environment. This is why when you shop online at the Brandless website, it takes a lot of the headache out of trying to avoid toxic chemicals.

No mother wants her baby exposed to toxins, especially at such a critical stage of development! No father wants to feed his children food containing toxins, especially when there are good wholesome alternatives. No pet parent wants their dog or cat gnawing on toys or eating treats that contain toxins! However, we as consumers are so bombarded with products that contain chemical toxins that it’s near impossible to avoid them when shopping in most stores and online websites. Brandless offers an exception to this, thankfully so!

Let’s look at one prime example of where Brandless shines in this department. Phthalates are in a family of industrial chemicals that have been repeatedly shown, through extensive scientific research, to disrupt the human endocrine system. Even at low levels, this class of chemicals increases estrogen and decreases testosterone. Reproductively, this can interfere with a woman’s pregnancy and the normal development of male testes. There is little doubt that phthalates lower fertility in both women and men. However, the disruption of these powerful hormones, as well as other hormones in the body, can lead to many other serious health issues that range well beyond reproduction.

This is what you need to know. Both estrogen and testosterone aren’t just “sex” hormones. They are MASTER hormones that affect other hormones in the body. This is why women have testosterone and men have estrogen. If you disrupt either of these master hormones in women or men, you’ll affect the entire hormonal system in the human body. When children are exposed to phthalates, it can impair their normal development, including brain development. Phthalates have been shown to be the culprit in causing type 2 diabetes, obesity, respiratory diseases, high blood pressure, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and more! Unfortunately, phthalates from plastic containers leach into our food. They are intentionally added to cosmetics and household cleaners as fragrance binders and solvents. They show up in a wide range of household products from plastic chopping boards to dog chew toys.

Brandless BANS phthalates from their products and major kudos to them for doing so! They also ban hundreds of other toxins from their products. Americans, and others around the world, are waking up to the fact that we are poisoning ourselves with the products we bring into our homes. That’s right! We’re poisoning our own personal spaces. It’s bad enough we’re subjected to harmful chemicals at work. It’s bad enough that our kids are subjected to harmful chemicals at school. It’s bad enough we can’t even go to a movie theatre or a public bathroom in a park without being subjected to nasty chemicals. The one place we can exert more control over this toxic situation is our own homes!

Put your mind at ease and shop with Brandless, a company that has demonstrated they have conscience, which frankly is relatively rare commodity in the business world. Brandless already offers a wide range of products and their online catalog is rapidly growing. With Brandless you don’t have to spend dozens of hours researching a single product to make sure it’s safe for you and your family. This is so important today when it always seems there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything we need to do.


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