Huawei Beefs Up Its Smartphone Presence In Brazil Thanks To Trump’s Ban


Mr. Trump aimed his Twitter weapon at Hollywood thanks to a new movie called The Hunt. Mr. Trump told the press Hollywood is much more racist than he is, and this new film proves his point.

Hollywood doesn’t like Trump. His egotistical behavior during his Celebrity Apprentice days didn’t help his Hollywood reputation. Trump told the press Hollywood is a danger to the United States. Trump comments about Hollywood deflect attention away from claims he is the poster boy for racism. Deflection is one of the weapons Trump uses to appease his voter base, according to the Washington Post.

The president went after his pal Anthony Scaramucci when “the Mooch” told the press Trump’s performance in El Paso was a train wreck. Mr. Trump let Scaramucci know he needs to stick with his Celebrity Big Brother gig instead of throwing shade his way. Trump said Scaramucci couldn’t cut it in Washington. That why he got the ax 11 days after he got the White House communication job.

Trump’s trade war with China is an economic windfall for Mexico, Brazil, and Australia. The farm orders earmarked for the U.S. are now in the hands of Mexico and Brazil. Australia’s business with China got a shot of economic adrenaline too. Mr. Trump claims his tariffs will hurt China’s economic growth and it will, according to the New York Times. But China’s central bank plans to inject money into its consumer economy as well as devalue their currency to offset Trump’s tariffs.

The trade war has investors and consumers on the ropes. Wall Street knows the trade war won’t end soon. Wall Street economists think a recession is a real possibility in 2020. American consumers know the price increases, and the supply chain disruption from the trade war will have an impact on their lifestyle in 2020. But Mr. Trump claims the Chinese will suffer, not Americans.

The president’s ban on Huawei gave the company the impetus it needed to expand in other countries. The company plans to pump $800 million in Brazil to expand its smartphone business there. Huawei also announced they will open another factory in Brazil and the company also plans to build Italy’s 5G platform. Huawei will also hire 1,000 people in Italy. They also plan to give 800 employees in the U.S. their walking papers, according to the Times.


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