China Plays With Its Currency To Annoy Trump


Joe Biden has 24 percent of the Democrats in Iowa in his back pocket. Sixteen percent like Bernie. Elizabeth Warren and Mayor Pete are in the hunt too. Biden is one of those mid-century Democrats who still serves the wishes of the well-connected and elite, according to the Washington Post.

Joe doesn’t want to be like Bernie, Liz, and Pete. He wants to stay in the center with a propensity to lean to the right. Most Democrats over fifty connect with Joe. He’s a down-to-earth guy who made it to the big time. Older voters see him as a safe bet. Biden tells the old voters he can beat Trump. But young Democrats know Joe is one of those political racehorses that needs to be back home grazing on Metamucil.

Mr. Trump still wants attention for not following through on his threat to tariff imports from Mexico. Republican Senators are happy they didn’t have to jump ship by calling Trump a bozo for bringing up such a stupid idea. The Senators know economic growth isn’t what Trump says it is. They know tariffs on Mexican products would negate any economic growth in 2019.

Congress wants to keep the pressure on Trump by holding hearings. John Dean, the former Nixon White House lawyer wants to tell people Trump is a reincarnated Nixon only worse. Mr. Trump called Dean a loser. But most people who want to expose Trump for what he is, are losers in the Trumpster’s warped mind. That’s what attorney George Conway thinks. George likes to tweet about Trump’s incompetence. One recent tweet claims Trump is unfit to serve.

Russian President Putin and China’s President Xi told Trump to put away the weapons. Putin told members of the G20 Trump started a tech war when he banned Huawei. Putin plans to use Huawei to build Russia’s 5G network.

Mr. Trump still wants to bully China in Japan. But President Xi won’t confirm a G20 meeting. The president believes Xi will have to come back to the table if he imposes tariffs on the rest of China’s exports to the United States.

But President Xi plans to retaliate. The Chinese yuan is below 7 yuan to a dollar. That conversation rate takes some of the sting out of the tariffs for American businesses and consumers. Plus, Xi plans to limit the amount of rare earth minerals China supplies to American tech companies. And American companies with a presence in China are also subject to harassment.


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