Walmart Now Offers Next-Day Delivery To Shoppers Without Paid Memberships

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Just less than two years ago, Amazon purchased Whole Foods, formally known as the Whole Foods Market, Inc., one of the United States’ leading supermarkets. Since Amazon had already established itself as the greatest e-commerce hub on the World Wide Web, the company’s leadership decided to challenge the likes of the world’s largest retail company and supermarket, Walmart, by expanding into the grocery market for the first time in 2017.

Although Walmart is still the largest retail company and grocer on the face of planet Earth, the company has certainly felt pressure from market competition, the bulk of which has come from Amazon and Whole Foods Market.

Recently, Walmart announced that it would soon be rolling out the option for customers to have their goods delivered by the next business day without having to pay for a subscription. Amazon currently offers ultra-fast shipping on goods that its Amazon Prime subscribers purchase. Experts believe that Walmart is taking a jab at Amazon with its most recent offering.

In select markets, Amazon even offers one-hour shipping to customers’ homes.

Walmart refers to the delivery feature as NextDay delivery. Only people who shop on, the official website of Walmart, are eligible to receive items sent to them via courier delivery.

The major retailer is offering its NextDay delivery feature on the purchase of upward of 220,000 items. Although the company’s 220,000 most popular items aren’t all on the list of eligible items, the vast majority of the hottest items will be offered with NextDay next-day shipping.

Janey Whiteside, the Chief Customer Officer of Walmart, talked to Yahoo Finance earlier this week. In Whiteside’s communication with Yahoo Finance, the executive further confirmed the company’s rollout of the NextDay shipping feature.

The first two markets that will be eligible for the NextDay feature rollout are the greater metropolitan areas of Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona. All orders greater than $35 will be eligible for NextDay delivery.

If the program works well in Las Vegas and Phoenix, Walmart will expand its rollout of the feature to Southern California.

By the end of 2019, according to a blog post published by the Chief Executive Officer of Walmart eCommerce U.S., Marc Lore, Walmart plans to offer its NextDay feature to about 75 percent of the United States population. Further, it hopes to target at least 40 of the nation’s 50 largest metropolitan areas.


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