Putin Meddles In The EU Elections


Michael Wolf, the author who got on Trump’s nerves when he wrote Fire and Fury> Mr. Wolf explained what a three-ring circus the White House is now that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are in charge. Wolf painted a picture of Trump and that painting is in front of everyone in the world. Wolf claims Trump is an egotistical out-of-control nut job who wants to rule the country and the world.

In his new book, Wolf claims Bob Mueller wanted to indict Trump. He had proof Trump obstructed justice, tampered with witnesses, and enacting payback on a witness. The DOJ claims Trump while he’s president is not indictable. But one of Mueller’s associates told the press the indictment sitting on Mueller’s desk for a year isn’t true. Congress wants Mueller to testify, but Bob and the DOJ say he has to be behind closed doors.

Stock market investors and U.S. companies in China feel the heat from the increase in the tariff percentage on more than $200 billion worth of Chinese products. Trump gave the farmers another $16 billion, and he went to Japan to talk Prime Minister Abe into reducing the tariffs on U.S. agricultural products. Farmers took a hit when Trump pulled out of the Pacific Rim Treaty.

Some investors say the market is only two bad economic reports away from a 10 percent or more market adjustment. The bond yield-curve inverted for the second time May 24 and that usually means a recession is knocking at the economic door.

Rudy Giuliani will have to find something else to do on Sunday mornings now that Trump wants his court gladiators to carry his heavy legal load through the courts. Trump lost two financial records court battles, but Trump’s legal team appealed. They don’t know how to defend Trump, but they know they can stall the outcome.

Fox News wants Trish Regan to debate Lin Xin, a Chinese TV personality. CCTV the state-owned communication company will broadcast the debate. Regan and Xin will debate the trade agreement debacle.

Russia scored another hacking win after the European elections. Europe has that same nationalism disease Trump has. And Putin is the instigator, according to European news reports. Some Trump haters say Putin called Trump and told him he has his back in 2020. The nationalist movement gained strength in Europe. And Trump wants


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