Organo Gold And The Unique Northwest Coffee Culture


Where Organo Gold Began


Organo Gold, now simply known as ORGANO, was started in 2008 by the current CEO, Bernardo Chua.



As a popular and recognized network marketing executive, Mr. Chua designed Organo Gold using the most beneficial components of the network marketing business model. The Company sells convenient, premium products that enhance an active lifestyle – a variety of coffees, teas, dietary supplements – along with a body management product system known as OGX .



Organo Gold originated in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a vision of introducing the Western World to the benefits of Ganoderma, an herb staple extensively used in traditional Asian medicines, by infusing it into one of the most popular global beverages consumed worldwide – coffee. Once the proprietary OG blend was perfected, Organo Gold was launched.

Shortly after launch, more products were developed – premium teas and dietary supplements – in addition to expanding the Organo Gold pre-brewed coffee line. In an interview, Mr. Chua once stated that ‘that these beneficial treasures needed to easily become part of a person’s daily routine and the easiest way to achieve that was to infuse everyday products that were already part of everyday life.’ The addition of Ganoderma in Organo Gold products fulfils that vision.


As a network marketing company, Organo Gold sells its products primarily through its independent distributor network, as well as directly through its retail website. There are many ways to be part of the Organo Gold family – as a retail customer, a preferred customer that receives monthly shipments, or as an independent distributor.


Over the years, the popularity of Organo Gold products has grown globally – the Company operates, and products are sold, in over 50 countries around the world. This is a reflection of a good product and a solid distributor network. Organo Gold’s distributor compensation structure is designed to generously reward its distributors while promoting teamwork. The Company provides a thorough online training program that equips new distributors with the skills for success along with providing ample support to new and seasoned distributors.

Organo Gold’s products are designed to work together and when taken as recommended, the benefits can be maximized. The uniqueness of Organo Gold’s products is an organic powdered mushroom extract, Ganoderma. This herb is actually a mushroom and is also known as ‘reishi’. While there are many other beneficial ingredients in all of Organo Gold’s products, it is Ganoderma that is the defining substance in the Company’s product lines.

Although Organo Gold is mostly known for its multiple coffee flavors, the Company’s teas, detoxification products and energy supplements are growing in popularity. Organo Gold recently released two new supplements in its OGX line. OGX DX is a detoxification supplement, and OGX XT is designed to naturally boost energy. These products further the Company’s mission to promote a more active lifestyle and to have people maintain that lifestyle as a lifelong habit.


To further support maintaining this lifelong journey, Organo Gold, with a lot of support from its distributors, offers the X4Ever program. With this Program, customers have access to the OGX community which helps to encourage, educate and motivate them to achieve their lifestyle goals. The X4Ever program has helped many participants maintain an active lifestyle and overcome obstacles along the way.

Organo Gold also fully supports its distributors in overcoming the obstacles of starting a business. Goals take time to accomplish, and the Organo Gold leadership is there to help mentor, train and support their distributors. Unique to Organo Gold, is the special relationship between the Company and the Napoleon Hill Foundation, the organization associated with the famous author of “Think and Grow Rich.” As one of the premier philosophies that has led millions of people to financial success, The Napoleon Hill Foundation provides materials, as well as instruction, to Organo Gold Distributors.

Philanthropy is also a key value to Organo Gold. The Company is the sole corporate sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation, an organization that helps to provide opportunities to youth around the world.

The Foundation funded the OG Cares Children’s Center in India, as well as continuously sponsors numerous events all over the world – Philippines, Nigeria, Mexico, the U.S., and beyond – to feed, nurture and educate at-risk children.
Coffee Culture In The Northwest

When most coffee drinkers think of ideal places to tour coffee shops, the Pacific Northwest and Northern California come to mind. There has been a strong coffee culture in the extended region for decades.

The “extended Northwest” (Vancouver to San Francisco) is notorious for cloudy days and precipitation, and many people rely on coffee to give them an energy boost. Although coffee is a necessity to many in this region, there are different trends in each major city.
Vancouver’s coffee culture is deeply rooted in its post-WWII European immigrant culture. People arrived with their “moka” pots and espresso habits which quickly translated to coffee houses along Commercial Drive and some of the finest coffee roasting facilities in Canada.

Seattle is the Northwest city that most people associate with coffee, thanks to being the home of, most notably, Starbucks. Several other major coffee chains started in Seattle, yet the city also features many smaller independent coffee shops. Some shops roast their own beans and create their own bean blends, evolving into a city where coffee entrepreneurs thrive. Most independent shops in Seattle have a signature drink, a special theme or a unique feature to set them apart from competitors. Latte art is a distinct part of Seattle’s coffee culture, and artistic baristas are highly valued.
Always fiercely independent, a do-it-yourself coffee culture has been steadily evolving in Portland, Oregon. While most coffee shops across the country order pre-roasted beans, a large portion of Portland’s small coffee shop owners roast their own beans. Some roasters order beans from only one region for their blends. Although Portland proper has only roughly 640,000 residents there are over 30 coffee roasting companies within the City limits. In most instances, the owner does it all – researches the coffee growers, orders and roasts the beans, and then slips on the barista hat to prepare the coffee for the customers.


Not often thought of as part of the Northwest, yet just as damp and cloudy, San Francisco has its coffee culture wrapped in mystique. While chain coffee stores still exist in San Francisco, many have been replaced by third-wave coffee shops. The thriving shop owners have perfected their craft to impress even the pickiest coffee customers. In addition to putting emphasis on the quality and origin of coffee beans, perfecting brewing techniques is what many coffee shop owners cite as part of their recipe for success. Local connoisseurs can always be counted on for recommending the best spots for finding desired blends, notes, acidity and much more.

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