Everyone’s A Star At Crave Beauty Academy


A New Way of Thinking about Beauty
These days, more and more people are craving beauty services. With the rise of social media, people are slowly starting to realize that red carpet moments are popping up at a higher frequency than ever before. Beauty professionals have never been in such high demand, which is why it makes sense that Crave Beauty Academy is bustling. Whether aspiring students are in Ballwin, Missouri, or Wichita, Kansas, they excel at bringing beauty to the world.

Programs in Nail Technology, Cosmetology, Esthetics and More
Not all beauty programs are created alike, and not all schools provide students with the tools they need to get ahead in the world. At Crave Beauty Academy, an array of options are presented to aspiring beauty school students. Because there are so many offerings available, people can pick the disciplines that appeal to them more directly. Within each program, there is a marvelous multitude of classes that can help students to gain a deeper understanding of the fields they wish to pursue.

Nailed It: The Art and Business of Nails
Now that nails are hotter than ever, many are looking to find ways they can cash in on the craze and create beautiful art while they’re at it. The instructors at Crave Beauty Academy are well-trained professionals with experience in the real world. They know how to help students discover their inner artist while also paying attention to the business side of things. From classes on moisturizing treatments to advanced filling techniques, they excel at giving the students the real lowdown on the tricks of the trade. It’s practical instruction that encourages students to explore what it is that makes them unique as a nail artist. If students have questions about what they can do to market their business, these teachers will have answers.

Esthetics for the Elegant
At Crave Beauty Academy, the teaching staff delivers clear, incisive instruction on facial anatomy. Students are taught about potential skin disorders or special conditions that their future clients may have. Facial massage is another area of instruction, as is chemical exfoliation and skin analysis. No stone is left unturned when it comes to skin analysis, and students will also learn about different methods of making the skin more taut and younger in appearance. Body treatments and hair removal systems, of course, provide other keys to this curriculum.

A 1500-hour Cosmetology Program
Because the cosmetology program is separated into four courses, students learn all facets of the industry. Whether they’re primarily interested in cutting hair or applying makeup, they’ll find what they need in this comprehensive course. It’s also important to point out that Crave Beauty Academy works with a lot of exciting partners. The Pacific Institute, Nuts and Bolts Training, Pivot Point and American Crew all play a special role at the school. For students who are truly interested in a program that will promote their advancement, Crave Beauty Academy offers excellent opportunities that are difficult to come by.


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