White House Security Official Carl Kline Has Some Kushner Explaining To Do


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos thanks God every day for Trump’s complete disinterest in the U.S. education system. Billionaire Betsy paid for her job in Trump cabinet. She’s a member of Michigan’s Prince family and her husband Dick is the son of the founder of Amway.

Betsy and Dick DeVos got charter schools up and running in Michigan. Betsy’s plan is to turn the public school system into a charter school system. And she’s in a position to do that. But Democrats in Congress won’t let that happen, according to the Washington Post. Betsy and Congress don’t get along, so she stays away from Capitol Hill. DeVos is happy she only has to talk to Trump once a month before he takes his afternoon nap.

DeVos gets credit for surviving in Trump’s cabinet. Trump thinks DeVos isn’t too bright. But he always pats her on the back when she cancels an old Obama policy. She gets high marks for dismantling Obama’s education initiatives. But she gets failing grades for understanding the education system and the people who work in it. She pays little attention to teachers, and she doesn’t like to talk to students when she visits a city. Betsy likes to be the boss, but she’s not afraid to let Trump do her thinking for her.

The latest DeVos debacle is her stand on student loan forgiveness. In 2007, Bush promised students who work in government and in other poor paying jobs, they could achieve total loan forgiveness if they followed certain rules and met some requirements. But 99 percent of the applications for forgiveness went into the loan forgiveness trash can.

Jared Kushner had a starring role in the Mueller report. Kushner was Trump’s foreign policy guy long before Trump made him a special advisor with a phony high-level security clearance. During the 2016 election, Kushner met with a Russian who has ties with the Kremlin. The Russian lives in the U.S., and he is a well-known Washington figure. Kushner wanted the Russian to help him put a plan together to bring Russia and the United States closer when Trump took office. Kushner’s plan never materialized, so he went to work on a Middle East peace plan with Israel and the Saudis.

But Kushner’s days as a stealth U.S. diplomat may be in jeopardy if White House security official Carl Kline tells Congress Trump made him give Kushner top clearance. Kline will sit in front of Congress and he’ll either rat on the president, or he’ll plead the fifth and look guilty.


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