Trump Calls Puerto Rico’s Mayor Incompetent While Kushner Laughs About His Security Clearance


Trump finally woke up when enough senators told him to stop talking about healthcare. And when they found out Mr. Trump wanted Rick Scott to put a healthcare plan together, the Republicans knew they were in trouble. Rick was the CEO of Hospitals of America before he was governor of Florida. When Scott was in charge of HCA, the mega-healthcare company had a run-in with the law.

The disaster relief bill got a thumbs down from the Senate. So the Trumpster has another self-created mess to clean up. And he’ll do it in true Trump fashion, according to the Washington Post. The Senate wants more money for Puerto Rico, so the country can continue to rebuild from the devastation Hurricane Maria left behind. Trump keeps saying he already gave the incompetent San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín enough money. But the government hasn’t released that amount to Puerto Rico.

One White House aide claims Trump said he didn’t want PR to get another nickel. Congress wants to send more money to PR. So the disaster relief bill which is usually a bipartisan bill won’t see the light of day thanks to Trump’s rock-solid racist head. But Mr. Trump will play the victim when he tells the farmers in Iowa and Nebraska the Democrats are the culprits for no relief, according to the post.

Ivanka Trump was busy making a fool of herself during Women’s History Month. Princess West Wing’s mealy mouth tweet about the what women should do didn’t sit well with the people who know she’s a conman. She learned from the best, according to the New York Times. But New York Attorney General Letitia James is about to rain some real legal badass down on the Princess. But just like daddy, she believes she made of legal Teflon.

Jared Kushner is also a graduate of the Trump school of conning. Kushner is Trump’s double-faced snitch who licks the sandals of princes and has a lot of Shabbat time when he’s in the White House.

Kushner laughed when a Fox News reporter asked him about his bogus security clearance. Jared said he was an international businessman with a stellar reputation before he got to the White House.

But now, Mr. Kushner only makes deals with foreign governments to help the Trumpster keep his fingers in the international real estate cookie jar, according to the New York Times.


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