Kurt Weiss Greenhouses: Blending Technology And Family Values


Kurt Weiss Greenhouses has been in business for close to fifty years now, but the original family has been in the plant and growing business for almost a century. Kurt Weiss Greenhouses was recognized as being one of the top 10 growers in the United States by an authority publication that specializes in greenhouse growers. What led to this honor maybe the generations of knowledge and experiences that the business has accumulated.

What also makes this propagating company a standout in their field is their employees. At times, there are well over a thousand workers, who all bring a unique perspective because many of them have been trained at colleges and universities. The staff does not just come from the United States, but they travel from around the globe to offer their expertise. Kurt Weiss Greenhouses fosters an environment of culture and strives to treat their customers and staff as family.

Kurt Weiss Greenhouses is one of the main propagators of flowers in the United States. One of their most popular plants is hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are flowering plants that produce large full clumps of robust flowers. The colors can range from a soft lilac to a bright pink. They meticulously check the quality of the stock to make sure that the plants are healthy, vibrate, and hardy.

Kurt Weiss Greenhouses adapts their processes as new technology becomes available. For example, they are always on the lookout for recycled or sustainable materials. The pots are now biodegradable and made from sustainable materials that have been recycled. Previous planting pots where made from plastic and they were just thrown away, but plants are now delivered directly in the Cowpots. The root systems can grow through the biodegradable product, and the entire pot and plant can be buried in the ground. The pots will decompose and add nutrients to the soil.

Kurt Weiss Greenhouses gardeners recommend that when you get your plants in the Cowpots keep them watered and do not let them dry out. Plant according to the instructions, which will indicate if the plants need full sunlight or light shade. Follow up with quality fertilizers as instructed.

Kurt Weiss Greenhouses has been recognized in the greenhouse industry and also by stores that help consumers with residential planting needs. They supply a large portion of the poinsettias sold every holiday season around the United States. Because they have been in business for many generations, they have the skills to develop healthy plants and have them ready at a specific time of year. The poinsettias are full of nutrients and ready to bring on cheer through the long holiday season.


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