Trump’s Legal Wagons Are Circling As The Democratic Calvary Get Ready To Rumble


People may disagree with the way President Trump looks at the constitution. The rule of law isn’t a rule Mr. Trump learned to follow. Thanks to his dad’s connections with the New York mob, who controlled all the construction going on in the city, Trump got a mobster education early. The rule of law in Trump’s young world was flexible, beatable, and for his criminal purposes, obsolete.

Most legal experts think Don Sr. didn’t know the U.S. Constitution existed before he came to Washington. They say he wrote his own version in 2016. In the Trumpian Constitution, he is the ultimate decision maker for the people. He controls how and how much the people will give him to build useless walls while he feathers his own pockets in the process.

Trump spends billions of dollars without considering the consequences that this massive debt will dump on the United States. The Trumpster says he’ll balance the budget in 15 years instead of the eight years he talked about when he conned people into voting for him.

And when he realized Russia was out to throw a bucket of Internet tar and feathers all over Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Trump decided to send his campaign goons out to help Russia teach Mrs. Clinton a lesson. He stayed in the background during those meetings. But Mueller might shed some light on his nefarious activities when he said he would make America Great Again Russia and his campaign tried to squeeze democracy out of the nation.

Mr. Trump is under a microscope now that the people of America and around the world know he has a lot of trouble telling the truth and keeping his word. The ghosts of Trump’s past are ready to tell what they know about Trump’s hidden world of deceit, fraud, money-laundering, and racketeering.

The Trumpster loves legal battles, but the Calvary that wants to shake all that tax money he didn’t pay out of him. And the Democrats who say he conned people and businesses will get some satisfaction when the Republicans head for cover to protect themselves as Trump slowly roasts in a Congressional brew of his own making.

David Bossie, a Republican and White House advisor, told GMA Trump’s in for two difficult years. The intensity and the magnitude of these Congressional investigations will swallow his presidency. Bossie claims the Trump is not ready for an attack of that size and scope. But Bossie also said Trump thinks he always wins.


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