Rudy Claims Cohen Told Lies Three Or Four Times During His Testimony


Michael Cohen’s testimony in front of the Congressional Oversight Committee woke Rudy Giuliani up from his quiet-time nap. Rudy knew the Trumpster didn’t like the way the Republicans on the committee had his back. Most news reports say their performance as Trump supporters was at a grade-school level.

Don Jr. and Eric had to defend their dad when they saw how vicious the Trumps minions appeared to be. They attacked Cohen’s character and he took all he could take. Republican Jim Jordan almost made Cohen’s dark side come out. He almost gave Jordan a taste of the revenge that Trump wanted him to dish out.

When the smoked cleared, Cohen felt good about his performance. He stood up to the same kind of harassment he used to dish out for Trump. He shared how Trump operates as a person and a businessman. And it’s not a pretty picture. According to Cohen, Trump breaks the law almost as much as he eats McDonald’s.

Republicans and Democrats knew Cohen didn’t have to be there. He didn’t have to subject himself to that kind of abuse. But he did. It was Cohen’s way of showing humility and remorse. And he did it like he meant it, according to the Washington Post.

Congressman Jim Jordan was the main Cohenslayer during the Cohen testimony. After several verbal-wrestling moves, Jordan took a stand. He told Cohen he was there to seek revenge for not getting a job in Trump’s administration. Cohen had proof he didn’t want a job in the administration, and he has proof he told Trump that.

That’s when Rudy Giuliani came to the rescue in his true opaque fashion. Rudy said Cohen perjury himself three or four times during his testimony. Cohen lied when he said he didn’t want a job in the administration. Giuliani didn’t say what the other two lies were. The revenge about not getting a job was the lie that the Trump protectors could hang their public case on.

Eric and Don Jr. got behind the battle cry that Jim Jordan started and Rudy put his crooked legal touch on it. The Trump brothers were all in. They both said Cohen is a Trump groupie so he asked everybody in the Trump group to find him a job in the administration when Trump won the election. But Don Jr. and Eric will get a chance to tell that lie to Congress soon.

The people who read the Giuliani text about the three or four lies say Rudy must think the rest of the stuff Cohen said is true.


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