Europe Sent Mike Pence Home with a Message. Trump’s Voted off the Island.


According to several news reports, Mike Pence ran to the closest restroom after the European smack-down he got at the Munich Security Conference. The 600 presidents, ambassadors, and other dignitaries at the conference put Pence on notice. The EU knows Donald Trump likes to mess with their security, economy, and finances.

Mr. Trump likes to beat his chest and blame the European Union and especially France, Germany, and the U.K. for sandbagging. Trump wants to squeeze more money out of Europe for NATO dues even though he talked about leaving NATO four times in 2018. Mr. Trump doesn’t care about keeping NATO intact. His pay Putin gets a boner when he thinks NATO will fold.

Mike Pence got the message at the Munich Conference. The U.S. is no longer the boss of the world. The U.S. is a symptom of a fast-spreading disease and Europe wants no part of that disease. Most of Europe thinks Mr. Pence is a Trump-disease carrier. So the conference injected him with a dose of silence. And it burned Pence down to his anti-gay soul.

According to history buffs, Trump’s presidency reminds them of the Fall of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire didn’t fall in one big event. It was a series of choices made by Roman Emperors who had a bad case of egotistical madness. That same madness is in Trump’s DNA.

Trump’s madness did spread in Europe thanks to Poland and Hungary nationalistic attitude. But the other EU members are de-Trumping their lives. France, Germany, and the U.K. set up a company that allows them to do international business without using American dollars. Mr. Trump went back to his Child’s chair when he heard that news. That version of Trump prompted former Tennessee Senator Bob Corker to call the White House “an adult daycare center.”

But Pence didn’t realize Europe was over Trump. He thought he could act like a true Trump in-training and bully the audience into bowing down to the Trumpster. Some Washington insiders say Pence wants as much media exposure as possible right now. He wants the world to know Mike Pence is no ordinary Trump gofer. He’s an evangelical bigot who believes discrimination is one of the Ten Commandments, according to the LGBT community.

Mr. Pence might want to stay close to Trump this year. Pence can pick up his “Where’s Waldo” act on his own dime when Trump kicks him to the curb.


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