U.S. To Formally Request Extradition Of Meng Wanzhou Of Huawei Technologies


The United States decided it will move forward with plans to extradite Meng Wanzhou, a Huawei executive, from Canada. The information was released by the Canadian ambassador to the United States and the move is sure to further damage the relationship between America and China.

David McNaughton explained while talking to a newspaper source America informed Canadian officials on Monday it will request Meng’s extradition. It is unclear when America will make the formal request but the deadline to do so is January 30. This is exactly sixty days from the date Meng was arrested on December 1.

Meng is the daughter of Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei Technologies. She was arrested by Canadian officials for allegedly violating sanctions placed by the United States on Iran. The request for her arrest was made by the United States government. Meng is presently out of jail on bail and is due to appear in court February 6.

The relationship between China and Canada has suffered greatly since the arrest. China responded by placing two Canadian citizens under arrest in their country. They also sentenced a previously arrested Canadian drug smuggler to death.

Huawei is the largest telecommunications firm in the world and did not wish to issue a statement on the matter to media sources. A spokesman for the United States Department of Justice says it will issue its statement through court filings.

The Justice Department in Canada also chose not to respond to requests for information from the media.

Canada is one of many nations which have extradition agreements in place with the United States. Once the United States formally files the necessary paperwork to request Meng’s extradition, the Canadian Department of Justice has 30 days to respond to the request.

The words of a former spy chief in Canada, published in a newspaper on Monday, advised the Canadian government to ban certain telecom networks from Huawei. The United States and Australia have already restricted these items due to concerns the Chinese can use them for espionage.

The Chinese ambassador to Canada warned there will be serious consequences if Canada decided to block the products from Huawei.

McNaughton also expressed his concerns that Canada was bearing the brunt of Chinese revenge as a result of Meng’s arrest. He said it is not fair that Canadian citizens are paying the price when it is America looking to bring the force of the law down on Meng.


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