Higher Temperatures in Oceans Could Mean Significant Changes


Not only are air temperatures increasing steadily each year, but the temperature of the ocean is rising as well. The temperature is rising at a faster rate than some scientists have anticipated, and it could mean peril for some animals and plants that live in the water. Most of the excess heat from the planet migrates to the ocean, which leads to an increase in the temperature. While this is expected over time, scientists haven’t expected the increase to come as quickly as it has in recent years. There are some reports that indicate the temperature has increased about 40 percent faster than what scientists discovered less than a decade ago. These high temperatures are setting records, and they are only expected to climb higher as global warming continues.

In 2018, there were reports that temperatures across the country and the rest of the world were above average for longer periods of time. The above-average temperatures were also higher than what they have been in recent years, which means that the ocean temperatures will likely be even warmer in 2019 and beyond. There are some areas of the ocean that can adjust to climate change because of the depths of the water. Because the water is absorbing a good amount of heat, the land temperatures aren’t heating up as quickly as they could.

Coral reefs are losing their color, and marine life is dying out because of the higher temperatures. Levels of the ocean are also rising, which means that shorelines will soon start to be impacted. Since the ocean temperature is rising, it also means that hurricanes will have more fuel to get stronger when they develop. As fish and other marine life begin to die off, people who rely on these animals will soon begin to feel the impacts as well.


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