Controversial Bill Signed in New York to Protect Women’s Rights


The topic of abortion is one that often has people either supporting the procedure or believing that it shouldn’t happen. New York recently passed a law that now makes it legal for a mother to have an abortion right up until the time the baby is born. The passing of this law is hitting some people hard and asking what the world is coming to when doctors would allow a full-term baby to be killed.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the new law as a way to protect the rights of mothers. Before the new law was signed, New York only allowed abortions to be performed up to 24 weeks. This law was in place for about 50 years. Abortions were only to be performed if the woman’s health was at risk and abortion was the only option to save her. As Governor Cuomo signed the paperwork to put the law in place, those who were gathered beside him smiled and cheered as they saw the signing as a way to let women take control of their health. This law was put in place within the first 30 days of new members being sworn into their positions in the state.

There are requests that Governor Cuomo has put in place to try to get the rest of the country to follow his line of thinking, such as lighting the One World Trade Center pink. His goal is to try to get others to see that women have options and that they should be able to think about their health when they are pregnant. Sarah Weddington is an attorney and was at the signing of the law. Aside from extending the time frame of when a baby can be aborted, the law also allows physician assistants to perform the procedure if necessary.


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