MoviePass Film Subscription Service Undergoes Price Restructuring


After a chaotic 2018 in which MoviePass went from a massive subscriber base, thanks to a package that allowed for seeing multiple theatrical releases on the cheap, to almost becoming insolvent, MoviePass has decided that there will be some changes coming in January. Put simply, the subscription service will shift its platform to offer three different tiers of membership.

Select Membership.

This tier will have a monthly cost of $10 to $15, based on the area the subscriber lives within-places like New York City, New York and Los Angeles, California, will charge more than somewhere in the American Midwest. While the cost will change, service entail an allotment of three films each month from a limited pool or films and viewing days.

All Access Membership.

This is the middle tier membership, ranging in price from $15 to $20. All Access subscribers of MoviePass are still limited to three films per month, but are free to see any film at any time. The one exception to this freedom is that it does not apply to films being shown in 3D.

Red Carpet Membership.

This premium plan ranges from $20 to $25 each month and takes all the benefits of the All Access level while allowing one premium format film under the monthly three-films policy. Premium formats films are any picture that is presented in an alternative format like IMAX or 3D.

With these coming changes, MoviePass expects to finally reach parity with the cost of purchasing tickets; previously, the company purchased tickets at a loss and this discrepancy was the very reason why so many signed up for the service in 2017. MoviePass began by charging monthly fees of $50, then $35 and then shifted their subscription price to the state it is now. The real work will come in attracting enough subscribers with this new multi-tiered membership system to keep the company afloat when it seems laden with so many stipulations and provisos from the MoviePass of yesteryear.

MoviePass’ restructuring is also happenning with its board of directors. Khalid Itum has recently been appointed Executive Vice President for the company. Itum will be managing the day-to-day operations of the company in CEO Mitch Lowe’s stead. The company plans to use its new arrangement in order to direct ticket purchases during days and times that are usually under-capacity rather than run a company entirely by analytics of the movie-going public’s behavior.


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