Hundreds Dead After Massive Waves Hit Indonesia


Dozens of people are now dead after a volcano erupted in Indonesia. The Krakatau volcano spawned a tsunami that claimed the life of many people on the Sunda Strait. There have been reports of 222 people that have been killed and over 800 injured. However, rescue parties are still searching buildings and cars in the area which could lead to an increase in these numbers. The tsunami occurred overnight while most residents were asleep. They had no warning that a tsunami was approaching after the volcano erupted.

Trees in the area have been taken out of the ground, buildings have been completely destroyed, and numerous cars have been washed away as a result of the large wave that crashed onto the shore. Massive landslides under the Anak Krakatau volcano could have been the trigger for the tsunami, but until the area is safe to examine, it’s too early to declare what exactly caused the waves. President Joko Widodo has spoken with media outlets in Indonesia and is asking people to try to be as patient as they can while rescuers do their work and while the cleanup process begins. He also offered his thoughts and condolences to the people who lost family members and friends and to those who were injured.

Some of the roads in the area are blocked by debris, but there are nearby areas sending large pieces of equipment to help with the cleaning process so that more buildings can be searched and more people rescued. Leaders in Indonesia are asking that people avoid coastal areas in the event that another tsunami occurs. Tanjung Lesung is a popular tourist destination that was struck by the tsunami. A video posted online shows the moment when one of the massive waves associated with the tsunami took over a stage where a rock band was performing.


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