Education Secretary Betsy Devos Doesn’t like It but the Government Will Cancel $150 Million in Student Loan Debt


Billionaire Betsy DeVos knows she’s getting ready to face some serious political headwinds when the Democrats take over Congress in January. DeVos’s unpopularity grows by the day, according to some education officials. After all, she if it wasn’t for Mike Pence, she wouldn’t have the job. Pence cast the tie-breaking vote during her confirmation hearing.

Betsy hasn’t made any new friends while she’s been in office unless you count the former for-profit college executives she hired to inject new life into the for-profit college nightmare. Every time Betsy visits a public school, the teachers and school officials complain about her lack of understanding and her condescending attitude. Betsy is a product of rich parents and a richer Husband. Her husband Dick DeVos is an heir to the Amway fortune.

In Michigan, Betsy and Dick are political rock stars. They set up a charter school program in the state, and they donate millions to the Republican cause. But in Washington, Betsy is more thorn than flower. She managed to change the way college officials deal with assault cases on campus. She beefed up the accused position at the expense of the victims. And she botched a 60 Minutes interview with her lack of knowledge about the education system and her strange answers to simple questions.

Recently, Betsy took a stand on the student loan debacle, and her stand threw students who got a bad deal from defunct colleges under her Trump-inspired bus. But a judge ruled her quest to cancel a 2016 Obama regulation didn’t follow the law, according to a Politico article. In October, a judge ruled against the for-profit college bid to keep students in a bad-debt hammerlock.

The news that 15,000 students won’t have to pay for an education they didn’t receive was another blow to Betsy’s Republican pride. It may take 90 days before those students actually get off the government’s accounts receivable list, but any movement involving the forgiveness of student debt is positive movement.

DeVos still has Trump’s support. Trump wants to dismantle all the education regulations Obama put in play, and Betsy tries to make her boss happy with her unpopular education decisions. But the Democrats know she’s fair game when they start tearing down all the incompetence Trump inspired over the last two years.


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