Aquaman Scores Huge at the International Box Office


From sea to shining sea, Aquaman continues to perform tremendously well. The feature film now boasts a worldwide box office gross of $250 million. Incredibly, the figure does not include any U.S. domestic box office numbers as the film has yet to debut in North America.

Currently, colossal ticket sales from China drive the high numbers. Ticket buying in other parts of the world remain strong as well. The overall box office take of the DC Extended Universe film will garner a further massive increase once the feature hits screens in the United States on December 21. Aquaman is quickly turning into a smash hit. Only the DCEU’s Wonder Woman may eclipse its numbers and critical appeal.

After the unfortunate failure of the Conan the Barbarian reboot, Jason Mamoa has bounced back with a new franchise role. At one point, the former Game of Thrones star appeared locked into a supporting role in the DCEU. Insiders did not think Aquaman would do well at the box office. The character first appeared on screen in the box office failure and embarrassment known as Justice League. Fears existed that the dark cloud of Justice League would sink Aquaman. The classic DC Comics character ranked at the B and C-level regarding sales and popularity. Jason Mamoa, however, has become a beloved and charismatic celebrity. His great charisma comes off strong in the film’s trailer, which undoubtedly helped stimulate ticket sales.

The trailer delivered important information about the upcoming film: director James Wan went in the direction of fun and high adventure. One reason — among many — why the DCEU films consistently disappointed fans and critics centered on the dark and dreary nature of Batman v. Superman and Justice League. DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. allowed the creative teams driving the films to make adult-oriented and depressing films. Audiences want fun in the superhero films. Aquaman goes in this direction.

Audiences also want good films. Except for Wonder Woman, the DCEU produced features ranging from average to awful. Critics trashed the films. Eventually, audiences gave up on them. Projections initially indicated Aquaman would not do well at the box office. A meager $60 million opening weekend was predicted. Excellent reviews now roll in along with news of the film’s popularity overseas. Likely, the film will gain momentum and greater interest in North America as a result.


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