Recap of 2018 for Elysium Health

Recap of 2018 for Elysium Health

This year has been full of news for the consumer health company Elysium Health. The New York-based company is well on its way to  fulfilling its mission of helping people live healthier, longer and solving some of the biggest challenges in health. This year only served to further recognize the groundbreaking work of the company in the wellness industry.

New Board Members

In February 2018, Elysium Health welcomed healthcare leader Gary Gottlieb, M.D., to its Board of Directors and behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman, Ph.D., to its Scientific Advisory Board.

Gottlieb is a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and CEO of Partners in Health. Partners in Health is a global non-profit organization dedicated to bringing modern medicine to the world’s poorest communities. He is also a member of the National Academy of Medicine and chair of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Dr. Kahneman is a professor of psychology and public affairs emeritus at the Woodrow Wilson School, the Eugene Higgins Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Princeton University, and a fellow of the Center for Rationality at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Much of the work Dr. Kahneman has conducted in his career has paved the way for the creation of the discipline known as behavioral economics, a study of how people make economic decisions based on human psychology.

Elysium Health is thrilled to have both Gottlieb and Kahnemann on its ever-growing team of leaders working to translate advances in science and technology into clinically-validated health products that work.

Recognition by The Good Housekeeping Institute For Innovation

In May 2018, Elysium Health was awarded the inaugural Good Housekeeping Innovation Emblem for the research, initiatives, and products the company has brought to the health and wellness industry. Elysium was applauded for the steps the company has taken to ensure the purity and potency of their NAD+ supplement, Basis, which reflect  their high standards.

To be eligible for the innovation emblem, companies have to show a desire to develop cutting-edge solutions, disrupt industry standards, and enhance the lives of consumers. The Good Housekeeping Institute was impressed with the scientific rigor and research that Elysium Health brought to the dietary supplement industry.

Later this year, the Good Housekeeping Institute will open a new Wellness Lab in partnership with Elysium Health. The Lab will showcase innovations in the health and wellness industry that people can use to improve their lives.

Good Housekeeping is a leading lifestyle media brand that has a monthly audience of over 30 million readers. The Good Housekeeping Institute tests and evaluates thousands of products each year for the magazine and awards several accolades to recognize the leaders in wellness.

Elysium Health’s Basis Becomes NSF Certified for Sport

In August 2018, Elysium Health announced that its supplement Basis became NSF International Certified for Sport. The certification assessed numerous quality components to ensure that Basis does not contain any of the over 270 substances banned by major athletic organizations. NSF Certified for Sport helps athletes make safe decisions when choosing sports supplements and products.

NSF Certified for Sport products are tested on an ongoing basis in order to ensure that products continue to be free of banned substances as well as to ensure that the label of the product matches the ingredients. The certification also confirms the product is manufactured at a GMP registered facility that is audited twice annually for quality and safety by NSF International.

Basis is a supplement created by Elysium Health to increase the amount of the critical coenzyme NAD+ in the body. As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline naturally. But this important coenzyme is essential to many of our cellular processes, including circadian rhythm, DNA health, energy creation, as well as hundreds of others.

In addition to testing conducted by NSF International, Basis also undergoes rigorous independent third-party testing to further ensure that every lot of Elysium Health’s Basis exceeds quality and purity standards set by the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) and adopted by the FDA for dietary supplements.

More About Elysium Health

Elysium Health was founded in 2014 by Dr. Leonard Guarente, Dan Alminana, and Eric Marcotulli. Dr. Guarente has worked as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1982, a role in which he has conducted significant research in the area of genetic and molecular causes of aging.

Elysium Health collaborates with world-class academic institutions to help support scientific research and advance developments in the studies of health. Elysium is only the eighth company to be invited to partner with Harvard University through a multi-year agreement to fund research projects focused on cellular function and other key modulators in the aging process.

Elysium is also working with the University of Cambridge and the Milner Therapeutics Institute to discover and develop preventative medicines from natural products. Additionally, at Oxford University, Elysium has established the Oxford-Elysium Fellowship program, which recruits the best researchers to work in cutting-edge laboratories relating to cellular aging.

Basis by Elysium is based on 25 years of aging research. The supplement can be purchased on Elysium’s website in a variety of subscriptions.

In addition to Basis, Elysium Health is in the process of creating other products that focus on cognitive health, skin health, cellular metabolism, and cellular function. These products are in various stages of preclinical and clinical trials.

To find out more about Elysium Health, the scientists who work with the company to develop and research products, and on the supplement Basis, visit the company’s website.


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