Lime Crime’s Outsider Approach To Cosmetic Success

lime crime's original founder, and former CEO Doe Deere
Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

Lime Crime is a forward-looking company with followers dedicated to wearing vegan makeup and hair products. The company specializes in manufacturing cruelty-free makeup and hair dyes consisting of contemporary colors. The business created sufficient mass appeal to catch the eye of Tengram Capital Partners. The company bought Lime Crime in June 2018. Discovered and pampered by its founders, Doe Deere and Mark Dumbelton, Lime Crime succeeded in appealing to consumers who longed for avant-garde beauty products bursting with screaming hues.


How to Nurture a Makeup Company


Doe Deere and Mark Dumbelton put tremendous efforts into nurturing their business until it began to attract devoted followers around the world. Lime Crime established itself as a business where magic and cosmetics embraced in a passionate dance. Appealing to both women and men, Lime Crime’s products encourage its followers to express themselves in creative ways. Trendy and fashionable with a flair for extreme creativity, the company poses a strong force within the beauty industry.

Lime Crime’s loyal customers, who refer to themselves as “unicorns,” live in metropolitan cities across the globe. Whether residing in London or Los Angeles, the beauty products continue to attract new fans. In August 2018, Lime Crime expanded its line of products to include customers in the United Kingdom. Consumers can now find the products at Bloomingdale’s and Riley Rose.


Expanding a Company’s Growth


Tengram Capital Partners wants to expand the potential growth of its business. The digital company plans to focus on building up the products loved by Lime Crime’s consumers. In an effort to spread the word about Lime Crime’s beauty products, Tengram plans to introduce the items to a variety of department stores located in different countries.

Plus, Tengram has plans to create brand new items designed to captivate the company’s growing audience of believers. Plans include expanding categories to encompass a broader collection of choices. Consumers will have new products capturing their fancies. Richard Gersten, a Tengram business partner, mentioned that Lime Crime stands on its own in an industry filled with mundane beauty products.  For a company that just celebrated it’s 10th birthday, this could represent a whole new era for Lime Crime.

Imagination Rules at Lime Crime


Tengram is grateful to Lime Crime’s founders for their innovative solutions to creativity within the beauty industry. Capturing the imagination, Lime Crime products define its users with new identities. Embracing their vogue looks with passion, Lime Crime’s enthusiastic customers continue to seek out new ways to show off their complexions and hairstyles. Doe Deere and Mark Dumbelton created a company that has helped consumers attain new levels of self-confidence. Traveling beyond the ordinary realms associated with makeup and other beauty products, Lime Crime has managed to forge its own niche.


Tengram Seeks Ethical Options For Consumers


Make no mistake. Lime Crime is not Tengram’s only venture within the beauty industry. The business acquired Alba Botanica and Avalon Organics in 2002. Known for appealing to consumers who want to purchase natural beauty products, Alba Botanica and Avalon Organics were established as unequaled brands sold in health food stores. In a never-ending search for organic beauty products, savvy consumers are always on the lookout for lipsticks, blushers, shampoos and hair dyes free from artificial ingredients. Tengram wishes to identify with consumers who prefer using beauty products that are almost safe enough to eat.

Tengram has developed its own theory about the reason for embracing the world of cosmetics. The company wants to appeal to consumers who look toward future trends. Since the advent of the World Wide Web, consumers today can acquire beauty products without shopping in retail stores. Furthermore, people can read online reviews and connect with other customers via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The company also wants to appeal to brick-and-mortar customers who prefer shopping in posh retail department stores for beauty products.

In the case of Lime Crime, Tengram saw a tremendous opportunity because the acquisition included large numbers of dedicated customers. With a large following on Instagram, Lime Crime presented an appealing business package with bottomless possibilities for future growth. Tengram Capital Partners also embrace the concept of designing complex packages appealing to consumers harboring vivid imaginations. An ordinary tube of lipstick does not compare to a brightly colored case featuring an artistic design. At Tengram, the staff views cosmetic brands as distinct entities capable of an almost miraculous impact on the market. Smart packages attract discerning consumers. Tengram wishes to establish its identity with a growing group of customers who buy quality products wrapped in exquisite packages.


Influencing People to Recognize their Potential


Doe Deere is enthusiastic about her former company’s prospects. Deere’s initial reason for founding Lime Crime was to influence consumers who wished to embrace their inner selves in new ways. She fervently believes that beauty is a direct expression of a person’s soul. Deere contends that glamour is a personal choice. Tengram’s purpose is to develop captivating products for consumers. So, it appears as though the acquisition is a perfect match in a heaven consisting of unprecedented beauty products.

Lime Crime’s main purpose has always been to go against the grain. The company’s celebration of pink hair and unicorns has led to a revival within the beauty industry. Consumers resonate with the company’s basic philosophy. Many millenials no longer wish to present themselves to the world in traditional ways. A growing group of consumers want to make their mark in a world consumed by run-of-the-mill concepts. Expanding their minds and hearts to the limits, today’s consumers want to escape from mediocrity by embracing a world filled with magic.


Focusing on Cruelty-Free Products


As the creator of the world’s first liquid matte lipstick and innovative colors that bring dull hair to life, Lime Crime’s founders focus on natural ingredients. Cruelty-free and vegan, the makeup has received an official approval from PETA, an animal rights organization. Tengram plans to continue Lime Crime’s philosophy while expanding the products into new plateaus never before witnessed by makeup enthusiasts.


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