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As you age, your facial muscles weaken, resulting in loose skin above, below, and around the eyes. Additionally, the fat which cushions the eyes in their eye sockets moves forward and out of the ocular cavity with age and time, resulting in bags and puffiness under the eyes. Another reason for puffiness around the eye area is water accumulation and retention.

Baggy and droopy eyelids can be corrected with an active skin care routine. But there are easier, less invasive solutions available to you for remediating this condition. These alternative solutions carry much less risk, and can be adopted at a much lower cost.   Better yet, these solutions have been clinically proven to deliver the results you are looking for.

The Solution

Eyeseryl is a tetrapeptide that has proven to be effective in visibly reducing puffiness around the eyes. Genucel products incorporate Eyeseryl in their formulations, as well as other powerful anti-aging treatments, so you now have an accessible and reliable way to address a wide range of age-defining problems from around your eyes.

The 5 step Genucel System

The Genucel system provides you with an affordable, 5-step process that combines plant stem cell therapy with Eyeseryl for a holistic solution to your baggy, puffy eye area.

Step 1:   Apply the Genucel plant stem cell therapy

This plant-based stem cell therapy will rejuvenate the appearance of the skin around your eye area and offers the unique and advanced properties of Eyeseryl to visibly reduce puffiness and bags around your eyes.  You will see improvements in as little as a couple of weeks and the improvements just keep getting better over time, giving you long-lasting reversal of eye area age-related damage.

Step 2:  Add on the Genucel eyelid treatment

In this second step, you are using a treatment especially formulated to firm, lift and tighten the upper eyelid area.    Peptides are the proven antidote to droopy and baggy skin in this area, and will give you a fresher, younger and more vibrant look over time.

Step 3: Layer on the Genucel XV treatment

When you use the Genucel XV treatment, you can expect to see a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles surrounding your eyes.    This powerful anti-aging formula combines peptides to turn back the clock, hyaluronic acid to bring back lost moisture and CoQ10 to reverse the damage caused by age, free radicals and sun exposure.

Step 4:  Use Genucel Immediate Effects for excellent immediate impact

As the name implies, Genucel Immediate Effects will very quickly reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the eye region. It uses advanced Relaxoderm technology to achieve these benefits.   The results last for between 15 and 24 hours per application and you get all this with a safe, natural product.    Perfect for quick fixes – and let’s face it: Who doesn’t need to look their best at a moment’s notice!

Step 5:  Finally, add in Cristalles Microdermabrasion

This treatment, that would normally cost you a bundle in a skin specialist’s clinic or at a top-notch spa, is all yours in an easy-to-apply formulation and affordable price to use in the comfort of your own home.   It uses magnesium oxide as the primary active ingredient and addresses multiple skin issues including fine lines, age spots and other discolorations and also tackles dry, rough skin patches.  Use the product for just 2 to 3 minutes at a time to see astonishing results.

More Genucel Solutions

In addition to the 5-step program, you can also avail yourself of two other Genucel products to address your skin and eye challenges brought on by age and everyday living.

  • The Genucel Sun Spot Corrector is designed with advanced ingredients to target and minimize all skin discolorations including sun spots, liver spots and age spots.   Prepare to be rewarded with a brighter, more even and more radiant skin tone over time when you use this product.
  • The Genucel Deep Firming Serum is now an iconic product for this brand and has proven itself over 10 years of use and very satisfied customers.   It contains powerful antioxidants that target all the signs of aging include wrinkles, puffiness and large pores.  This serum is gentle enough to not irritate your skin, while powerful enough to deliver all the corrective action of other, more harsh treatments.    The Liposome technology delivers Vitamin C at a very high concentration to the layers of skin beneath the surface, resulting in lasting and deep-seating reversal of age damage.

Like all Genucel products manufactured by Chamonix, both if these solutions are completely natural, and free from harsh chemicals and dangerous additives. That means no side effects or adverse reactions.

What does Eyeseryl mean for your eyes?

Eyeseryl strengthens the skin around your eyes by reducing a process called glycation.   Glycation is the result of ingesting too much sugar, which we all know is well-hidden in almost every packaged or processed food and also occurs naturally. As a result, sugar is very hard to completely avoid. This sugar interacts with the proteins and fats in our bodies, creating advanced glycation end-products.

These end-products, in turn, damage the properties that keep our facial skin tight and supple, thereby resulting in loose, wrinkled and puffy skin, especially in the eye area. Eyeseryl is the innovative product that identifies the proteins that are used in the glycation process and prevents these proteins from binding with the fats and sugars to complete glycation.

In addition to stopping the glycation process in its tracks, the peptides in Eyeseryl, known as Acetyl tetrapeptide-5, targets water accumulation in the eye area, which is another cause of puffy eyes.  Good riddance, puffiness!

Eyeseryl has been proven in clinical trials to visibly reduce under-eye puffiness in just 15 days with as many as 95% of the trial participants reporting successful results. Genucel products contain twice the amount of Eyeseryl that was used in these clinical trials, so you can be assured of positive results by following the Genucel 5-step program.

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