France’s Take on British’s Brexit and Chequers Plan


Britain has faced numerous negative feedbacks amid their unwavering decision to exit the European Union. This decision has been strongly backed by the Checker’s plan that was put in place by the current British Prime minister, Theresa May. One of the world leaders who commented on this issue, and apparently showed little concern, is the French President Emmanuel Macron. European Union (EU) leaders were not left out in expressing their disappointment in British’s exit from the union.

European leaders further went ahead to state that Brexit has been fueled by the checker’s plan and that it would greatly undermine and affect the union as a single market. During the EU27 meeting that was held not long ago in Salzburg, President Macron was seen to be a key critic of the United Kingdom making an exit from the European Union.

During this meeting, Ms. May’s white paper was clearly rejected. French finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, made it clear that the European Union had more pressing matters to attend to other than the Brexit plan.

Despite the bold approach to the Brexit and Checkers plan, the European Union is burdened by concerns that Britain’s exit could bring about a crisis in migration. This would have serious financial meltdowns and difficulties in agreeing on a shared budget.

Britain is reported to be the most influential country in the European Union in terms of finances, economic growth and a renowned heavy investor capability both locally and internationally. Despite strong resentments and rejection of the Brexit plan by both the European Union and other global leaders and forums, Mrs. May’s decision is still intact and by the look of things, nothing will shake her.

French President Emmanuel Macron went on to say that long-term relationships between states built on firm ground are often broken by the rise of isolationists and nationalists policies that divide people and bring about conflicts that could be avoided. The British prime minister, however, on the other hand, continues to insist that she is yet to receive a detailed report explaining why the European Commission rejected the Brexit plan.

The French cabinet under president Macron continues to hold executive meetings every fortnight to develop concrete preparations and plans to go by in case Britain goes ahead and decides to leave the European Union without having a proper post Brexit plan. Will Theresa May change her mind about the Brexit plan? Let’s wait patiently and see.


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