Americans Are More Addicted To Their Phones Than Ever


Americans love their phones. People of all ages are addicted to their phones. A new study has shown that the average person looks at their phone 52 times per day. Last year, the average person only looked at their phone 47 times per day.

Most people realize that they look at their phone too much. The study showed that 40 percent of people realize that they use their phone too much. Sixty percent of the people who are between the ages of 18 and 24 said that they use their phone too much.

Sixty-three percent of the people stated that they tried to restrict their phone usage. However, only 50 percent of them were able to succeed in cutting down on their phone usage. The number of Americans with smartphones is also increasing.

Eighty-five percent of Americans have a smart phone. This is a three percent increase from 2017. The number of people who are over the age of 45 with a smart phone has increased by 7 percent.

Kevin Wescott is the vice president of a company called Deloette. He stated that the smartphone has become the center our world. We use the phones to communicate, work and entertain ourselves.

Phone addiction is not just an American problem. Sixty-eight percent of people in Britain own a smartphone. The average person checks their smartphone every 12 minutes.

More people have smartphones, but tablets seem to be declining in popularity. In 2017, 62 percent of people had a tablet. This year, only 57 percent of people have a tablet.

Smartwatches are growing in popularity. Fourteen percent of people in America have a smartwatch. Additionally, people are calling voice assistants the next big thing. Sixty-six percent of people are using voice assistance on their phone. Twenty percent of people own home voice speakers.


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