Trailblazers Train Their Brains with Neurocore Pro


“The Brain Room where we’re optimizing the brain’s ability to be able to be in the zone is the

next level in sports,” says Neuropsychologist Dr. Tim Royer. “Everybody knows about recovery

after you workout but many people don’t put the right emphasis on the most important part of

recovery, which is sleep.”

“Everyone says you need to sleep more but just sleeping more doesn’t necessarily work, so

being able to have technology that can help train their brain to be in the zone more times than

not is huge,” says Dr. Chris Stackpole, Director of Player Health and Performance.

Royer continues, “The schedule where these players have to go eighty-two games, dramatically

compromises all the systems in their body. We use our Brain Room with tailor-made

approaches to optimize the brain, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system and the

endocrine system.

These low frequencies from twelve and below are what let the brain recover and rest and that’s

very important with a professional athlete to see how much they’re recovering.”

“What we do is use a DVD player with these guys. We’re now going to take the electrical

activity coming from the player’s brain and tell the DVD when this player is focused and calm,

the DVD will play. If the player starts to think about too many things, the DVD will stop

instantaneously in relation to what his brain’s doing.”

“In 30 minutes we can do over two-thousand reinforcements to the brain, so that your body and

brain can focus and recover at the highest level possible,” says Royer.

“Being able to teach them this is what it feels like to be over-worked, this is what it feels like to

be too distracted, all those aspects will help them to figure out what it takes to be at the ideal

state more times than not,” says Stockpole.

Royce continues, “What we do with the Trailblazers in the Brain Room is the next level. We

start recovery the moment the buzzer sounds and the game’s over with. These elite athletes

aren’t just good athletically, they’re also very strong mentally; and they’re going to perform no

matter how much pressure you put under them. Why are they going to do that? Because

they’re mentally prepared for that.”

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