Richard Madden: Will Be Become The New 007?


The name Richard Madden isn’t a household word, but things may change. The talented actor’s name might not be known to millions, but his face is. Madden played Robb Stark on the incredibly popular HBO television series Game of Thrones. Madden’s role wasn’t a lead. Scores of other actors on the series appeared more prominently in the fantasy-adventure series. Madden’s role did raise his stock and profile among producers around the globe. We know this because Madden is in consideration to become the next James Bond.

Daniel Craig’s next James Bond film is his last. Although fans would prefer to see him continue in the role, the actor wants out. Craig even “quit” the franchise only to be lured back for one more film. Similar events played out decades ago when Sean Connery departed the series only to be lured back with a $2 million fee and free reign to choose his next two film projects.

As was the case with Connery, Craig decided the time was right to leave. Fans may feel unhappy about his departure but, if an actor’s heart isn’t in a role, the actor should move on.

Madden, however, is not a lock yet to get the role. Several others are in contention. Rumors abound Tom Hiddleston — Loki of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — is also under consideration. Back in 1968, newspaper entertainment pages pointed to many young British actors up for the part. The rumor mill even suggested Burt Reynolds and Batman’s Adam West might receive the nod. None of the predictions turned out correct. Australian actor George Lazenby was cast.

With a new James Bond comes a new approach to the franchise. Roger Moore brought camp comedy to the series. Daniel Craig delivered a gritty, realistic edge. What would Madden bring if he assumes the mantle of 007? Fans must wait to see him in the role in a new movie for an answer.


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