President Trump Gets Involved In Georgia Governor’s Race


The race to be the next Governor of the state of Georgia is going to be a highly competitive one. A lot of eyes are on this race as it is expected to be tight. There is also some attention being paid to it because the Democratic candidate is an African-American female. She could make history by becoming the first African-American woman to become Governor.

Donald Trump has gotten involved in this race as he has endorsed the Republican nominee Brian Kemp. Kemp is the Secretary of State of Georgia and has a lot of name recognition in the state. Being a Republican in a red state helps his chances as well. On top of this, there has been some controversy in recent days regarding voter applications that have been invalidated by Kemp himself in his role as Secretary of State. Some point out that the vast majority of the ballots being invalidated are from African-American communities.

Despite all of this, the President has felt the need to throw his endorsement to Kemp to try to keep a Republican in charge of the state. According to, the President says that Stacy Abrams would be unqualified to be Governor in Georgia. He wants to see Kemp in that office.

In his usual hyperbolic form, the President stated that if Abrams were elected that should would destroy a great state. This was all said from the President’s Twitter account.

The race in Georgia has been a lot closer than what many were expecting. Each candidate is taking on their own unique strategy to try to win votes. It appears that the strategy that Abrams is using involves using whatever pull she has to try to encourage her typical Democratic voters to get out to the polls. This means that she is not worrying about trying to rely on any Republican votes to win the state. She says that Democrats have tried that strategy before and that it always fails. Instead of going down that route once again, she prefers to go her own way and try to bring in the typical Democratic voters as much as possible.

Kemp is also relying heavily on a Republican base of voters to get him over the finish line. The eventual winner of this race may be leading a very polarized electorate in Georgia when it is all said and done. That could be an interesting place to be in as a state and as a country.


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