New Study Says That Not Exercising Is One Of The Worst Things That You Can Do For Your Health


Most people know that exercising is essential for good health. A new study has further illustrated the importance of exercising. Researchers found being sedentary does more damage to your health than heart disease and diabetes.

Dr. Wael Jaber is a cardiologist who works at the Cleveland Clinic. He was the lead author of the study. He also stated that the results of the study are surprising. Furthermore, Dr. Jaber stated that the results of the study should be used to warn the general population about the risks of being sedentary.

Dr. Jaber said that sedentary living should be treated as a disease. The prescription for the disease is exercising. The researchers recruited 122,000 people for the study. They were followed from January 1, 1991 to December 31, 2014. Twelve percent of the subjects did not exercise at all.

Dr. Jordan Mentz is a sports medicine doctor. He stated that the United States spends $200 billion per year on treating diabetes and heart disease. He believes that more emphasis should be placed on prevention. He also believes that everyone should be encouraged to exercise daily.

Dr. Jaber stated that the biggest finding of the study contradicted previous studies. In the past, researchers believed that people who exercised excessively were at a greater risk for early death. However, this study showed that people who were extremely fit had a lower chance of dying early.

Dr. Jaber stated that men and women benefit equally from exercising. He also stated that you can reap the benefits of exercise regardless of whether you are in your 40s or 80s. Dr. Satjit Bhsuri is a cardiologist who works at Lenox Hill Hospital. He stated that physicians do an excellent job treating heart disease, but they should focus on preventing it. He also said that patients should ask for an exercise prescription from their doctor.


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