New Set Photo from Joker Emerges


Joker continues to emerge as one of the more highly anticipated comic book movies in recent memory. The iconic villain’s complete origin story plays out on the big screen in the Joaquin Phoenix-starring feature film. Fans continue to speculate about the film since it is not part of the current DC Extended Universe nor any other Batman film. Now, fans have more to speculate about. A photo leaked from exterior filming in New Jersey reveal Phoenix hauled away in the back of a vintage 1980’s police car. Is the Joker photo the final, finished look of the villain? At this point, no one knows. The scene may or may not be reflective of the feature’s climax. Speculation is all the photo provides to fans. Warner Bros. likely appreciates all the speculation. Fan buzz online acts as much-desired free publicity. A similar thing happened years back when Jared Leto Joker photos surfaced months ahead of Suicide Squad’s release. While the publicity stunt may be the same, Joker will be a much different film from Suicide Squad. Joker intends to present a gritty version of the “Clown Prince of Crime’s” origin. The feature’s style more closely reflects a crime film as opposed to a comic book movie. Some suggested Joker is a throwback to 1970’s crime films such as Mean Streets. The 1980’s setting appears to be an attempt to embody the edgier style of older crime films. 1980’s New York/North Jersey did present a grittier look than what exists in modern times. Joker won’t be a big-budget film the size of Batman v. Superman, which may be to Warner Bros. benefit. The studio hasn’t seen too many hits from its DCEU slate. The $60 million Joker could end up becoming more profitable. If so, then look for more character-driven, adult-themed DCEU films in the future.


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