Top Stories Almost Certainly You Missed Last Week


CRN recaps weekly news that hit the headlines in the technology sector. Some of the interesting tech bulletins include Google battling the story on the right to be elapsed. Rendering the news by BBC an extension of burnishing and deletion of internet searches may outspread internationally. The extension is about the EU legislation that permits individuals to scrub their identity from internet search engines. The omission rule was made in 2014 where ECJ ruled that data reckoned as erroneous, insufficient inappropriate and excessive can get de-listed from the internet results. In line with the law, Google abided by it but only worked on the appeals of the local realms. However, the internet hulk that concocts to retire into in the Chinese market has in the past four years combated against this law. The company suggests that extending the rule worldwide will turn Google into an instrument of suppression. The case will get a ruling next year.

The new Apple phone was another bulletin that you cannot afford to miss. The Independent argued that the new device neglected the most important demographic. The newly designed XS max iPhone is thought as a giant to get held by women. Activists contend that the hand of a woman is one inch less compared to the width of a man’s hand. Thus, the ladies will have a hard time to grip the new XS iPhone that has a 6.5-inch screen. Contrary, another researcher showed that women are more likely to be iPhone consumers compared to their counterpart’s men.

Other headline news that lured attention is on the story where the archbishop calls Amazon a bloodsucker. The archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury said that the company was imbibing the taxpayers according to BBC. The comments came just after another shocking statement where he asked higher taxation on the rich as well as the tech giants. However, despite the comments by the archbishop, the Church of England whispered they would keep their shares after they heavily invested in Amazon last year.

Elon Musk also hit the headlines by saying that the exploration company will name the first air passenger it will send to space. Telsa and the CEO Musk founded the interplanetary firm. The news about the traveler will be done today on Monday. However, musk implied over tweeter that the explorer could turn out as Japanese. Besides, the launching is suggested to be done through the big falcon rocket of SpaceX, and speculations suggest that the explorer could have paid around $150 for the tour into space.


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