Technological Innovations


Companies, professionals, foundations and expats are brought together in a single platform known as The Hack Global Goals, to enhance sustainable development through innovations in technology and collaboration of both the private and the public sectors. ‘’Make Tech Social’’ is among the many platforms in the program, which includes a two and a half day program of hackathon from September 21st that is followed by two other days. Within this period, those involved will focus on a solution finding processes of the challenges that have been presented. The main event starts on 21st and ends on 23rd from 17:00 h-17:00 h. A total number of 75 participants will be hosted at the Color Kitchen found in the High Tech Campus that will provide awards for the finalists in the competition.

This will be a good opportunity to engage with people who share the same interests, businessmen and ideas. It will also have on board investors who support the technological innovations from the forum. A total of 17 goals were agreed upon by the 193 UN member States. The goals included: peace and justice, life and land, life below water, climate action, clean and affordable energy, jobs that pay a livable wage and education, reduced inequalities, gender equalities, zero hunger, no poverty, clean water and decent sanitation, responsible production and consumption and good health among other goals.

To achieve these goals, a global mobilization of important efforts and quality investments need to be undertaken. It has so far not happened due to lack of investments and mobilization. The set upon goals that are related but specific targets and indications adding up to 169 should be reached by 2030 and 304 indications that are set to help in the monitoring process of countries. A 2018 report by the UN in June concluded that the SDG shows the advancements made so far in areas such as poverty reduction and child mortality reduction. These two went down by almost 50%. Air pollution is, however, still a big challenge whereby a research shows that, out of ten people, nine breathe polluted air. Degradation of land is a big challenge to over a billion persons and hunger is on the rise. An investment of over US$5 to $7 trillion in the next 15 years is needed to change this situation. Private and public sectors inclusion in the program is required to make these goals achievable. UN and other NGO’s should work together with governments to ensure the achievement of the 17 goals.


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