Resignation of Nigeria’s Finance Minister


Kemi Adeosun, who serves as the Finance Minister in Nigeria, resigned on Friday due to faking of national service exemption certificate allegations. This was meant to make her qualify for the public office position in a West African Country. She explained her resignation in a letter addressed to the president. She claimed that she came to terms with the issue of fake documentation on an online platform. She further explained that due to such rumor, she found it best to resign so as to maintain her integrity. Adeosun was born in the United Kingdom and spent her youthful years at the same place before going to Nigeria. She graduated from the University of East London in 1989 at the age of 22 and got her Nigerian passport when she was 34 years. She termed the allegations against her as baseless and added that her exemption from the job was also due to her residency and having an age of over 30 years.

Adeosun said that, NYSC was asked to provide the necessary document and due to her compliance, it was given only to be seen as fake. Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian president, through an e mail, appointed Zainab Ahmed, the minister heading budget and national planning to oversee the Finance Ministry. This change is, however, seen to have little impact in Nigeria’s economic policies that is recovering from an economic downfall in 2016. The country is also preparing for a general election early next year. These remarks were said by the vice president of a risk advisory group, Teneo Intelligence, Malte Liewerscheidt.

Liewersceidt said that the resignation of Adeosun was not a big issue as she was not a big political figure and that her resignation together with replacement will not affect the nation. Adeosun, 51, helped lead Nigeria from its worst downfall in 25 years in his capacity as the minister of finance. Crude oil, which serves as Nigeria’s main export went a record low. She also kept the tax collecting revenue at its feet, which boosted the economy of Nigeria. The NYSC program is one year-based and compulsory for its graduates who are less than 30 years-old. An exemption is on those who have served in the military for over 9 months or those who have graduated at the age of 30 and above. No individual can secure a public service position in Nigeria without presentation of the exemption certificate. The Democratic Party, which is the major opposition party, also called for her resignation after the news broke.


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