Pressure in the Medical Industry


A neurologist from the Bay area and her former employer have caused an outgoing battle within the medical field. Experts, however, say that this could possibly escalate as the practices of more doctors get involved in the significant health care systems. Dr. Blum runs a privately-owned neurology center in Menlo Park. She also practiced at the Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group from 2009 till her resignation in 2013. She sued the company and its associates, Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Sutter Health, over administration malpractice and pushing her due to his policies related allegations.
Doctor’s practice were the following;

Promoting prescribed generic over brand-name drugs for cost reduction and not encouraging patients to specialize outside the Sutter network in order to maintain the business. The practice also involved encouraging the specification of sickness as complex so as to ensure insurance companies pay high rates and encouraging time given to them so that they meet the pre-set productivity standards. Pressure was immense to meet the patients over a short period of time due to their high number. This made Blum’s work difficult to manage all the patients. The foundation, however, denied such allegations claiming that they had not been informed of such a situation.

Marcie Isom Fitzsimmons, an attorney for the medical group, termed Blum’s accusation as all about pay and scheduling. Blum was, however, awarded $28,415 for breach of contract accusation by the court. Other claims were wrongful termination and retaliation that were, however, dismissed after failure by the prosecution to table adequate evidence. A fine of nearly $1.3 million must be paid by Blum for the legal fee used by the medical camp. It may sound quite strange but under the California Law, Blum will not get less than $201,000 from the medical group. Blum will have to cover the medical group legal fee since the judge made the ruling in July this year.

An expert view on the matter suggested that such concerns were not specific to any health system but rather a general one. Hospitals and related facilities are gaining more of the doctors’ practice at high rates than in the previous years. This makes the doctors feel less independent and hard in decision making. An increase in doctors’ employment was made from 2012 to 2016 by Avalere Health consulting firm. The same trend was seen in California where doctors in medical practice owned by hospitals increased. This was from 25% to 40% according to a research conducted by the Berkeley health economist, which looks at the general output in hospitals.


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