Optimism Fades Away from the Struggling West Ham Team.


It’s not been long since the brighter days that the Hammers were witnessing faded away. They had won a match against Wimbledon FC just the other day. Things seemed to flow okay for Manuel Pellegrini’s squad. They had managed to thrash the league two team in a match that was heavily contested. However, critics, especially from the Wimbledon team, complained that the Hammers had won the match unfairly after Hernandez fell himself in Wimbledon’s penalty box. All in all, the Hammers garnered the three points that according to them was the beginning of brighter days in the English Premier League.

Despite the club spending over $100 million on buying nine new players, the team has still been losing their matches. They have witnessed major losses in their four English premier league opener matches. Immense pressure has been piling on the new club manager Manuel Pellegrini. The manager has been in the China league for the past seasons. However, West Ham approached him to manage the team this season after his contract expired with the China club. The Hammers have registered poor results during their opener matches for the first time since the 2010-2011 season. The Premier League is not a league that a team should start being at the bottom. The manager has said that it’s too early for the club fans to start panicking. He believes that the players will find the pace and tempo after the season unfolds.

Manuel noted that it was too early to talk about relegation after just playing four games. The team labored in their match against Wolves, while it would be the opposite. West Ham is a team that has been in the premier league for many seasons and probably have enough experience over the newly introduced teams. The team was expected to beat the Wolves. On the other hand, sports experts’ have noted that it was too early for the team to worry. All they should do is try and blend up with nine players that joined the team during the transfer period are all new. Manuel Pellegrini should also revisit his tactics as he can’t be losing all the games. At least he can grab few draws and win to remain in the league. West Ham’s midfield is not organized; therefore they should heighten the bonds at the center of effectiveness. The team should also be cohesive in their attack and defense.


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