California Plans to Set Medical Precautions to Prevent the Devastating Maternal Deaths.


Alisha Berry, a mother to be, had visited the physician for what Berry referred to as a normal check-up. She was 18 week’s pregnant. Berry used to visit the doctor for check-ups. However, this time she felt that all was not well. Everything wasn’t normal like she used to feel at the beginning. Berry noted that she could tell something was wrong. The doctors were analyzing the CT scans and talking to one another in low tones. Her doctor didn’t immediately inform her what was wrong with her pregnancy. Berry later recalled that doctors usually deal with different situations. They treat pregnant women with complicated conditions. But despite the recall, she wished to know what was wrong with her. She wanted to hear the truth. Eventually, she spilt the beans and told her everything. The doctor uttered the word ‘accreta’. They told Berry that she might be having accreta.

The doctors sent her off, until the next check-up, which was at 28 weeks. For the next two months, Berry kept on googling the word accreta. She eventually learned that accreta is a severe, potentially deadly, syndrome where the placenta attributes too deeply into the uterine wall. The placenta can also grow into other body organs through the uterine wall. Accreta is among the multiple conditions that can kill pregnant women during their pregnancy. The condition can also kill the mother during childbirth. The US has an abnormally high number of maternal deaths. But, possibly against the odds, notwithstanding the confirmation of the accreta diagnosis, Alisha Berry later survived a challenging pregnancy and a perilous delivery.

Berry was surrounded by a team of medical professionals who had particularly prepared for potential devastating bleeding because of her medical condition. However, Berry welcomed her daughter who she named Annabelle. Berry delivered the baby safely back in 2015. The experts that assisted Berry to deliver her baby safely reported their desire to spread the message across California and all over America. In the United States, about every 26 women die for every 100,000 live births. This is almost the triple the rate of several western European nations. Some countries like Finland have a meagre rate of about three deaths. In the state of California, recent collaborations between health officials and medical experts have seen the numbers drop precipitously. The rates dropped to around seven deaths per 100,000 births. California pledged to work with the team of experts to see these numbers decreased to zero.


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