Ryan Seacrest’s Love Life, Why He’s Never Been Engaged and Recipe for Success

Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor
Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor

Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend Shayna Taylor made their relationship Instagram official in 2017 when Taylor took to the social media and shared a photo of herself and Seacrest. The couple adorably cuddled up on the beach in the photo that shows the two of them sitting in a beach chair, with Ryan Seacrest wrapping his arms around Taylor and giving her a kiss on the neck.

Ryan and Taylor started dating in 2013 and they were in a steady relationship for 18 months before they broke up and left their fans heartbroken. However, the couple had recently continued their love story when they moved into a New York City apartment to make things extra official. And of course, Seacrest doesn’t have a lot of time to relax at home, with “American Idol,” “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” and his other jobs as the hard-working host is focused on his packed schedule, but the couple still found time to enjoy a romantic getaway to Paris in 2017.

While people have been familiar with Seacrest and his work, his 27-year-old girlfriend is still not as well-known. Here are a few things to know about Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend, Shayna Taylor:

  • She’s a Great Cook

For example, not so many people know that she has an Instagram account called “My Bikini Kitchen” where she shares healthy recipes like steak tacos and fresh smoothies. Shayna’s Instagram is all about sharing ways to lighten up your diet and experiment in the kitchen.

One of her most famous recipes is the homemade almond milk. For the lactose intolerant and those who want to cut back on dairy, almond milk is one of the best alternatives. And while there are a lot of store-bought products to choose from, the only way to really know what’s in it is to make it yourself! Taylor’s recipe (which she shared on her Instagram account) requires only two ingredients – almonds and water. She soaks the nuts in Icelandic Glacial bottled water until they’re softened and then puts them through a juicer! Easy, right?

  • She’s a Model

Taylor got into modeling in 2012 when she was signed by Wilhelmina Models agency. Shayna graced the covers of various magazines and publications. In 2013, Taylor was featured in a segment of “Access Hollywood,” and her illustrious modeling career helped her travel the world. Needless to say, Shayna has a true passion for staying healthy and fit, and she knows how to use it!

  • She’s Really Into Fitness

It doesn’t come as a surprise that someone who looks like Shayna hits the gym regularly. She has been seen working out and leaving the gym many times and a lot of her Instagram posts are of nutritious food. Healthy snacks, organic food, chia seeds… Shayna’s got it all! Ryan Seacrest is really a lucky man.

  • She’s Very Close With Her Family

If you think that Shayna is all about social media posting and partying with other models, you are wrong. In one of her posts, Taylor shared her thoughts about just how much her family means to her. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how important having your family close to you really is,” she posted. “I am extremely blessed that I have such strong, logical, loving women (young & old) to stand by my side & to be my rocks. No matter what life throws our way. The only people missing in this photo is my grandma (who took this picture) & my great grandma, who will always be by my side in spirit. Thank you for always making me feel so loved .. every day like it’s my birthday,” the model wrote in the caption.

While the couple is enjoying the time they spend together in their Manhattan pad (Ryan Seacrest is still living between New York and Los Angeles due to his job duties), the famous TV mogul and his incredibly hot girlfriend are still not engaged. However, Seacrest admits that he’s been close to popping the question.

Ryan Seacrest Speaks Honestly About Marriage

On his third day in the new position as co-host of “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” Kelly didn’t hold back on asking a personal question of the 43-year-old bachelor. “So, let me ask you a question. Have you ever been engaged?” Ripa was direct, and the question was met with laughter from the audience.

Ryan explained with a smile that it’s not such an easy question. According to the “American Idol” host, he has never been engaged but admitted that he would like to be one day. “Have you gotten close?” Ripa was persistent as she celebrated her 21st wedding anniversary with her husband, Mark Consuelos.

And as you already know, being a great co-host also means that you are open and honest about your personal life. That’s why Kelly Ripa is no stranger to talking about her husband and their three children. As for Ryan Seacrest, he is always comfortable to discuss his romance with Shayna.

“Yeah, I did get close and I didn’t do it and it was the right move,” said Seacrest and added, “But I love the idea — and I know you’re going to ask me — of marriage because my parents have been married for 47 years, and so I have this thing — and you’ve been married 21.” Fun fact is that Ripa’s parents have been married for 58 years!

Ryan Seacrest also admitted that he believes in the idea of marriage, but he hasn’t rushed to the altar because he doesn’t want to make a mistake. “I don’t want to screw it up and a lot of times they get screwed up,” but he does think about engagement. “I figure the longer I wait, the older I’ll be, the closer to death I am, so I can get it in,” he explained and added, “and not screw it up.”

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa – The Unbreakable Bond

It has been over a year since Ryan joined Kelly in their morning show adventure, but according to Kelly, Seacrest has actually been a part of her life for the past 15 years. And while we already know they share perfect chemistry in front of the cameras, you might not know that Seacrest is a frequent guest at the Ripa household too! Ryan shared with his fans that his co-host always delivers good advice and even called her “my life coach.”

So naturally, everyone wants to know what Kelly thinks of Shayna. Can we officially count her to the Shayna Taylor fan club? It turns out that Ripa loves when the model shows up behind the scenes to watch the ABC show. “She sometimes hurts our eyes. Like she looks so good,” Kelly said. “One day she’ll stop by and I’ll be like, ‘She’s like everything.’ She’s like the sun.”

On a more serious note, Kelly was the first to tell E! News why Ryan is such a great catch (although we’re pretty sure Shayna knows this already). He may be successful and a sharp dresser (he designed his own clothing line called Distinction), and he’s a talk-show pro, Ripa believes the inside is even more impressive. “He could be penny-less but he is just a good soul. He’s a good person and he cares about people. He’s authentic. It’s not an act. This is not an act,” she explained. “This is who he is. He’s a tireless worker. He’s incredibly empathetic. He’s empathetic to women’s causes and women’s issues in a way that I’m just… He never ceases to amaze me. Jackpot,” Ripa said.

Ryan Seacrest’s Recipe for Business Success

“If you want to be the most successful you, people like to hear yes. They like to hear three words, one is ‘yes,’ and the other is ‘got it.’ You can tell someone ‘got it!’ and usually life is okay.” Ryan Seacrest

Now that we know about his love life and his friendship at work, it’s time to figure out how he manages to do it all. In an interview with Oprah, Ryan shared his vision and thoughts on what makes him a successful man. One of the first questions Oprah asked Seacrest was if he loves being this busy. “I actually thrive. I love it. At first, it was a bit challenging to figure out how to do it all and exist as a human being but now there’s a rhythm to it,” Ryan told Oprah.

Ryan even joked that until Twitter he had time for himself. While he wasn’t the tallest, the strongest athlete or the best student in class, he always knew that he could control his time and efficiency. “I would get up and go to high-school and after school, I would play sports, I wasn’t great at them but I played sports,” Ryan was honest and added, “Then I would go to the radio station and intern it until midnight and get up and do it again.”

It seems like Ryan always knew that hard work was the key to being successful, although he also admits it made his mother nervous that he didn’t sleep that much at night. But being a workaholic is definitely in his DNA. Seacrest’s dad, Garry Lee Seacrest, is an attorney and he was always working a lot. This may come as a surprise but Ryan didn’t want to be an attorney like his dad because he thought he puts too many hours into his work!

The TV host shared with Oprah how important his parents were to him during his childhood years. “My parents always had us sit together at dinner and talk about what was happening in our lives so we created a great relationship where I can be completely honest with my mother and that really helped me as a kid to feel comfortable to do what I always wanted to do.”

You might not know this, but Ryan struggled with weight as a child. He also said that this made him very self-conscious and aware of his physique. Seacrest admits being teased by other children in school. He also didn’t like spring because he didn’t want to go to the pool and take his shirt off. In fact, he would swim in his T-shirt. “When you have that feeling as a kid, that lives with you,” Seacrest explained.”That’s why, until this day, I schedule working out like it’s a meeting.”

Besides not wanting to gain weight, Ryan says that exercising is his time and that it refreshes him. It is clear that for Ryan Seacrest, everything that he does in his life is taken seriously and if he believes that it’s worth his time, he will do everything in his power to be the best. Even if he’s not good at it, he will work hard until he becomes the best. And that’s one of the lessons we can all learn from him.

Source: www.complex.com

Leveraging Success, Working With Personal Idols and Setting Boundaries for Yourself

On the other hand, work is not the only thing that matters. It’s also important whether you are satisfied with your life. When asked how he manages to find the balance and stay in a good mood for so long, Ryan said that he literally wakes up to do the one thing he always wanted to do. “I worked for my idols. One of my first jobs was working for Merv Griffin, I worked for Larry King and Dick Clark.”

Seacrest revealed to Oprah that Merv Griffin taught him a lot of things but one of the most valuable lessons was how to leverage success. According to Ryan, Griffin taught him how to take the success you have as a show business personality and the access you have and build something to have forever. Building an asset is extremely important because “you never know how long this is going to last.” “It’s about being smarter than you are famous,” Seacrest told Oprah.

Besides believing in yourself, Ryan Seacrest also believes in karma. Everything we do comes back to us, maybe not today or tomorrow, but according to Ryan, it comes back one day. “It’s true, it’s for real and I think about it. It’s part of my filter system,” Seacrest said. Another great filter is setting boundaries for yourself and Ryan knows this best. For example, he’s made efforts to set boundaries around his phone use. “It was suggested to me I should meditate, but I’m distracted easily. I have attention deficit disorder. In the last couple of years, I’ve been a huge proponent of putting my phone down. I even lock it in a safe when I’m on a trip. I’ve found simply not having my device on me is a very good thing and the world lives on.”

Ryan also shared the advice he got from Dick Clark. He worked for Clark for a few years before he passed away. “I remember watching him as a kid and he looked so casual and seamless, as if he was doing everything in the moment.” At one point, Seacrest asked him about it and he said, “When you’re a broadcaster and host, if every person who watches it thinks you make the job look easy and that it’s not that big of a deal to do it, then you’re doing it well.” That has stuck with him forever.

Ryan Seacrest’s Self-Care Routine

Take Ryan’s advice and always take care of yourself. You won’t be able to be successful unless you are healthy and full of energy. At 43, Ryan Seacrest knows how important self-care and fighting the effects of aging are. Most of his days begin at 6 am, with a quick shower, shaving and facial moisturizer application. Then he drinks his matcha tea and coffee. This morning routine gets him warmed up for the day with great confidence.

As mentioned before, Ryan Seacrest is a great fan of exercising on a regular basis. Eating healthy and maintaining a mostly vegan diet helps him sustain his busy lifestyle. However, even Ryan Seacrest indulges himself from time to time with the occasional large meal and a glass of wine. The key is to find the balance in everything. He also works with a fitness trainer regularly and does exercise routines that involve boxing, running and strength training.

Ryan Seacrest’s recipe for staying healthy, productive and connected is easy. First of all, you have to admit that it’s impossible to be all things for every single person on your team. Seacrest makes sure to structure his day so that he can balance his responsibilities efficiently. “I used to think that every incoming question needed to be immediately dealt with,” he admitted. “I’ve learned self-discipline. Things can be put into a queue.”

Finally, Ryan Seacrest learned that the only has the capacity to engage in so much for a certain amount of times. That’s why he’ll only take a phone call interview or other requests after he gets through the first half of the day. “The afternoon is when I can think about things that are more long-term.” Seacrest shared his thoughts and advice on how he processes the incoming news. His commute is only seven minutes each morning, so he catches up on the overnight news he may have missed by watching television before he gets into the car to drive to work.


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