Houston Has Hope Again


JJ Watt has been raising money for several months to help the people impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The Houston Texans player gave information about where the funds raised have been used so that victims would be able to see that they haven’t been forgotten and so that donors would be able to see that the money they have donated has gone to helping others in need. Thousands of people were impacted by Hurricane Harvey when it slammed against the Houston shore on August 26 last year. The storm claimed 88 lives and resulted in about $200 billion in damages as numerous homes and businesses were destroyed. The people in Houston didn’t give up hope and soon started rebuilding.

Watt knew that he had to do something to help the people of Houston. He started a fund to get money for the victims and raised over $41 million. He had a goal to raise $200,00, but when people heard about what Watt was doing, money started pouring into the fund that he had created. There have been at least 600 homes repaired or rebuilt with the money that Watt has raised. This means that at least 600 families now have a safe home to live in once again. Money from the donations has been sent to the Houston Food Bank and Feeding America. These organizations didn’t know where they were going to get enough food and other supplies to help the people who were in need after the hurricane. With the donations received, they have been able to stock their shelves and provide quality foods to families so that they can make meals that are healthy.

At least 26 million meals have been served to Houston residents from organizations because of the donations that have been made. Watt has seen the struggles that life can deliver after being injured several times. He wanted to do something to try to help the people of Houston, and because of his actions, the city has renewed hope.


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